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Smoked Salmon Strips

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2006 03 31 Smoked Salmon Strips

I've had smoked fish in my life since I was very young. Mom or Dad would go to the delicatessen on Spadina. There were many of them, and I'm not sure which one they liked best (or worst). I do remember there were a few and each had their good points (or bad).

I remember a man dressed in white who used to measure out cream cheese onto a waxed paper, then wrapped it all up in a white paper. He'd sell us eggs on a flat, perhaps 2 dozen. He had a glass fridge, where there were maybe 20 different kinds of smoked fish. I'm thinking his name was Solly.

Smoked fish has always been a costly thing, whatever costly happens to mean. So we'd buy smoked Cisco, (i'm not sure of the spelling! That spelling comes from the router company), some smoked salmon, and smoked carp. Even Carp, an awful fish if you baked it, was really fun to eat once you smoked it.

Perhaps a month or two ago, a customer bought a few packages of smoked salmon strips. He insisted I try some of it. I became a true believer on the spot.

We sell mostly the solid pieces of salmon, all prewrapped and stickered for weight, at 1.60 per 100g. The solid fish packages come out to between 5 and 8 dollars each. I was looking for something different today. The strips were there! Only two packs left. They cost a bit more, at 1.70 per 100g. I found a package for 3.25, and was delighted! The strips have no bones, no skin, and so it has no waste at all.

So that was what I had for break time today.

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