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090316 shrimp ceviche

1 I'm so used to working afternoons. I really wanted to start my day rather early. It didn't happen. I got up around 1230pm, and left the house an hour after that. I went to the underground Starbucks at Bloor and Yonge, where the two subway systems intersect.

2 I went to see a customer who runs a sew and knit store near there. He's had nothing but trouble with a web product called "Storefront". We have been calling the developer for technical support (we will pay them!) but they won't pick up the phone. When they finally do, they act like they can't hear us and hang up. At 445pm, it's ringing! Then it goes to a voice mail saying this extension is no longer available. Last week I left them email and they haven't returned any, even to say they're too busy to help me.

3 Afterwards, Peter the proprietor took me to Woodbine Stn. That is in Toronto's east end. There is a Valu Plus Supermarket (which I call V-Mart for some reason). I read their flier, and they had individual quick frozen shrimp at $4 lb bag (save 6.99). In Asian markets I can get shrimp at that price, but I was ready to buy now. It's been a while since I had shrimp.

4 I got onto the subway, and surfaced a few stops later at Pape Subway Stn. There is a 24-hour fruit and vegetable store just outside the subway entrance. I was there yesterday for a dance, and saw grapefruit for sale 4 for $1 or 10 for $2. I was on the way to dance, so I didn't pick any up, and didn't come back that way when we were done. So today when I went there, they were 50c each, and that's just not the right price at all. So I got 3 english (seedless) cucumber for $2.

5 Normally I would enter the subway again, and go west to Yonge, and then north to Sheppard. Instead I took the long way home. Taking the subway is fast, but there are times when i'd rather go home slower, and see all of the stores as I go. I caught the Pape 25 bus northbound. It passes through East York and Thorncliffe as it goes.

6 So I arrived at home. I made ceviche. I poached the shrimp in some pork soup I had ready. I didn't cook it much at all; just enough so it wasn't frozen, and so the shell turned from grey to orange. Then I fished it out into a bowl with mostly lime juice, and a Glug of soy sauce. It came out perfect. I don't like it when I over cook food, especially shrimp. They turn to rubber. These were soft and nice; their shells were properly denatured, as was the meat.

7 I numbered the paragraphs today because I thought and wrote them in reverse. Then I realized presenting them in that order, even with the introduction "these are in reverse order" just didn't make logical sense, when I could simply arrange them as they occured. There is something nice about the numbers though. I may keep them as a strange style affectation.

At least for now.

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