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090318 a nice day

1 Today started with a cancellation. Jeff was supposed to have lunch with me. His mail server went down, and he had all of his customers calling to remind him so. With a little good luck, that was all. Normally they are a patient lot.

2 Mail has changed. Email used to be something that lived on the server, and was downloaded onto your computer. Thank Google's Gmail and Yahoo's email service for the big change. You see, most servers back then just couldn't handle people leaving all messages on their side. The servers got full, as they didn't have a lot of hard drive space. Gmail and Yahoo encouraged people to just leave all of their messages on the system. And so now almost all customers expect their email to remain on the server forever. Wealthy firms like Google and Yahoo can do that, but smaller companies have to keep buying more and more email space.

3 So I showered and got ready for work. My hair is getting longer. I love having a big mop of hair. Almost everyone I know feels differently about that. They all pressure me to get a haircut each time they see me. (I guess I'm thinking of my family).

4 I don't have much to tell you about work really. We had nonstop traffic. This week there is no school, so there are lots of new people in the store, beyond our many regular customers. But everyone was super friendly. Very, very nice.

5 The staff I was working with were happy crazy too. The girls kept going into the back room, making that scream laugh that all guys can't help but notice.

6 One girl brought her computer (she often does) and was complaining about how slow it's running. It's a brand new laptop running Microsoft Vista. It should be very fast. The breaks go by very quickly, and so I didn't finish her technical support. I did get a list of the things her computer started up. Wow, long list.

7 Our store always gets busy just before closing. I think the customers can use their force of numbers to coax us to remain open even after we've determined to close. That's my guess. They line up, hoping to keep getting service, starting at 950pm. But we lock up at 955pm. We'll continue to serve those inside at that time, but won't let anyone else in after that.

8 That last statement is slightly incorrect. Today a couple pushed in while someone was being let out. They argued until they got some service. Finally the manager made their drinks, and re-sanitized the pitchers that had to be messed up to prepare their order.

9 See? That is as bad as my life gets. We wanted them out at 955pm, and it didn't actually occur until 1001pm.

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