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1 Last night I kept waking up. I wanted to go to sleep early, but kept waking up, perhaps each hour. It wasn't until around 600am that I went to sleep and stayed asleep.

2 So I'm finally up around 1100am. I've not taken the garbage out in ages. I shouldn't complain about that. I have the best arrangement. There are 5 large plastic bins in the back that are taken away by a private firm once each week, around 600am. They were taken a few days ago. I'm thinking, that is almost always the case, isn't it?

3 Mandarin. I love that restaurant. It should be just a Chinese buffet, if you consider the name. But it has the very best roast beef and other things. It used to be only $9.95 for lunch, but now it's $13. Still, it's worth going sometimes. Today their place was so full! With all of the kids off school, the entire lobby was full of families waiting for their table.

4 There is always some kind of a gift shop at a museum. The Ontario Science Centre is an old museum, but it was new around 1970. I wanted to see what goodies they had there. I didn't buy anything, but did think about it. The shop was full of children as well. No surprise.

5 The bus in front of the science centre runs along Pape Ave. This is part of the Greek Village in Toronto and East York. Lots of interesting stores and cafes. I'm always surprised by how many places there are where women can get their nails done professionally.

6 I was tired, and needed a coffee. The Starbucks near Pape and Danforth is very popular, but as long as I can get a table, this is good. I noticed today that they have an electrical outlet near most of the tables! That is so good! My store only has a few outlets for guests to use.

7 A customer (and friend) called me to help him with his computer. So that's where I went next. He's got a nice new laptop with a Canadian French keyboard as part of it. Very cool. It has Microsoft Vista. I don't like that so much, but should learn not to bash the new operating systems. I've seen this over and over: when the next new OS comes out, I won't have bad things to say about THIS one.

8 I should make tortillas. The whole thing isn't hard to do, but I just never actually do it. Fried ground beef with some chili powder. Avacodos mashed into guacamole. Sour cream as it is. Cheese shredded up. Olives. Tomatoes. Beans. Peppers. Soft tortilla. That's what my friend made for us. It's not so complicated, but it was so nice.

9 Microsoft runs the email for Sympatico customers. Sympatico is the company name for Bell Canada's internet service. Well, Microsoft has made a change in their web email so that text isn't carefully wrapped into the next line. If someone sends an email as long lines, perhaps one long line per paragraph (that's how you are supposed to send it) it prints it as one long line, just truncating where the page ends. That's not cool. I fixed it by telling my friend to use Opera instead of MSIE until Microsoft fixes this issue. I'm sure we're not the only mail user who has noticed, so it should get fixed by this time next year.

10 What should you do if you are doing a project for the government that has to be kept private? You have to promise to watch the media you use, promise to watch the computer you use, and promise to encrypt the information so that nobody peeks at it if you accidentally lose it. We were going over those kinds of issues today at his computer.

11 Factory Direct seems to have USB memory on sale again. $8 for two 1G memory things. I love them. They're so spacious. I have three flat memory in my wallet, and a few bulky ones in my coat. Just in case I need to copy something, it's ready.

12 I heard that US President Obama was on Jay Leno tonight. Maybe I'll see it on YouTube. I'm eager to find out how he held up. Maybe he did some kind of interview with Jon Stewart as well. I hope the interview was funny and interesting.

13 I got home about ten minutes ago, just prior to midnight. It's been a good day. I'll have a shower, and see who is chatting.

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