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090320 pizza with the partners

1 Jeff made it into the city today. He arranged many appointments back to back, but it looks like we will be meeting for lunch. Since he's busy, it's probably somewhere close. Wimpy's? One of the fast food joints?

2 My hair seems to be growing significantly each day. That means in perhaps a few days or a week, you will read on these pages that my hair is cut. When I do that, I don't just get a simple trim, but shear it so it's even all around, and short-short. In fact, I ask for the salon lady to show me the largest size thing for her automatic hair shearing tool. Then I want to be shorn at that length for the whole head of hair. When it grows out, it will have this lovely even curl everywhere.

3 Ok, I'm back at home, and it's around 225am. We went to Tucker's. He had a bad day. His appointment was with a customer who loved to talk and talk, but convey very little information. He could have written to Jeff and asked, "Hey, in the future I might have some web work for you. Are you interested?" But instead he talked about different styles of business, and how he's a major player in his field, and how he has this humungous network of friends and others. Jeff is just waiting for "ok, but what do you need from me?"

4 Jeff felt better after that. Tuckers can be counted on for reliable food done right. I found some Thai Fish! It was amazing. I don't make fish much at home, and really like it when I get it there. I guess I don't make roast beef at home either. I make lots of things, and lots of foods at home, but rarely make a big roast.

5 It took me a long time to get from the east end, where Tucker's is, to work, which is rather central. But I was on time, and had enough time to spare.

6 Work is usually without special incident. Nice people, not too many, not too few, make a good closing. Also having regular breaks is helpful. I got there ready for a 4pm start. 6pm break. 8pm lunch. 10pm break. 1130pm done. Having a rest every two hours is something i genuinely look forward to!

7 A first time for everything. I went out for a slice of pizza with the kids at work. We talked and talked. They were tired, so the talking was slow, actually.

8 Late bus service is always slow! I waited 30 minutes for the first bus, 15 minutes for the second one. I got home around 1230am.

9 Still a good day. I'm tired with no complaints.

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