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090326 electric blankets

1 So a few days ago, while along College St, I went into Factory Direct, and bought a Sunbeam electric blanket. It actually calls itself "a throw", but it has everything one needs. Blankie on the outside, warm element on the inside. I've avoided them for so long, thinking that these things are a major cause of household fires. But I don't see that in the paper.

2 This one only uses 115 watts. That's like a light bulb. It's not too big. I'm thinking I don't need it all over, and I don't need it all of the time. Sometimes we have microclimate here. For no apparent reason, it's cold inside the place, while it's not so cold even outside. If that sounds strange to you, think about what causes downdrafts. I have a chimney here, and if the wind decides to blow down through it, I'll get very cold.

3 I also get cold when I'm moody. My feet and lower legs get entirely frozen. I want to hibernate. Often I have to get ready for work, but I'm overcome with this terrible nap attack.

4 I've tested it. It gets warm gently! It only takes five minutes, and then you can just feel the power. It's not a small hot pad (as you might use for a sore back), and it's not like taking some red hot coals in a covered fry pan to pre-heat the bed. This is just so pleasant.

5 Dinner tonight. I made some button bones last night, and put the last of the tomatoes into the soup, and some of the mushrooms. Just perfect, light, clear and fresh in taste.

6 Too bad I am still craving meat. I should just bite the bullet, and go get some tender steaks, and fry up a storm down here. Soon.

7 In the chat room, they were all talking about shrimp and seafood. So I went looking for the shrimp I have here. I've managed putting stuff onto the chest freezer once again, and felt lazy: I didn't feel like the work needed to clear it off. But I found a boneless salmon portion in a fridge freezer.

8 I poached this gently in some of the pork-tomato-mushroom soup. I used a separate pot, as even nice fish is likely to taint my pork soup pot. As soon as it was soft and defrosted, I turned off the heat. I squeezed a lime into a bowl, and chopped the fish up, so it would make lots of contact with the juice. It might not be shrimp, and it might not be steak, but it was very pleasant, and it did much to alleviate my craving for solid steak or roast.

9 Work was good. There is never too much to tell, really. The action was nonstop until halfway through. Then it was busy, but we were able to clean up and go home. A good time was had by all.

10 I should clean up more around here. There is a lot to do. I want to make some space. Find a way so I can entertain here a bit.

11 I want to fall asleep. To that end, I just had a Zero chocolate bar. They're imported truffle bars made in Belgium. 65c of pure luxury.

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