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090327 hundred dollar bill

1 Something happened that is noteworthy at work.

2 We don't take 100.00 bills. To that end, we don't have verification equipment for testing them, since we just don't accept them. When we get a 20.00 bill, we have an under counter safe so we cannot retrieve them. If someone even comes in with a 50.00 bill, we discourage it, since it will consume all of our 5s and 10s.

3 A middle aged woman comes in to buy a tea (1.73) and insists on using a 100.00 bill. It looks odd, and I don't want to touch it. I do this because I don't want to be accused of somehow changing their bill into a bad one. The lady is upset, insisting she just got it from a bank, but has both change and small bills, and pays with a $5.

4 Things go awry when someone comes in a moment later. She identifies herself as the woman's mother, and wants my name, and for me to write down exactly why we aren't permitted to take Canadian money for use at our store. "Keep writing" she bosses.

5 I don't claim to be of even temperment. I can feel when I've lost control, and something about the way this was going down caused such a thing. My face becomes hot, I begin to stutter, and the volume goes louder. At least it did in this case. I had begun to comply with her request, but got so very upset that I wasn't going to be any help to this woman any more. But I lost control. That is, I should have whispered that this isn't going to happen today, said I was calling my manager, when in fact I called the counterfeit squad for North York. Yes, I should have.

6 Instead, I felt something like extreme pain inside my face, and recall holding my head and closing my eyes, and told this woman that I was not going to do anything she said, and that she had to leave my store right now. "I'm not leaving until you give me your name, and the written reason why you don't take Canadian money here!" "Listen carefully. I'm not going to do anything you ask. You have to please leave the store right now (she interrupts, my voice escalating) right now (she interrupts again, I'm no longer in control) right now!"

7 A number of customers rise to help out. They've only seen me jovial and helpful, and have never seen my this way. My supervisor realizes this is trouble now, and take the woman out of the store. Where I might have not gotten into any trouble for refusing to take a 100.00 bill (good or bad) I'm certainly in trouble now for raising my voice to this lady.

8 Now I need a good sedative. A bad one would simply put me to sleep, and at this point that might be satisfactory. But I really want something to get this memory out of my mind. It is rehearsing over and over and over even now, at bedtime, when I want to just forget it and go into a peaceful sleep. And each time it plays over in my head, I get upset afresh.

9 I have a friend in Ohio who has both panic attacks and has a calm sense of humour when it comes to problem customers who are trying to cheat her. This wasn't a panic attack, but it worked out about the same.

10 I had the last of the pork with tomato and mushrooms. There was a leftover bagel from work I also had after trying to sleep for an hour. I'll make something again soon, but probably don't really need to eat any more food. But under circumstances like these, I'll probably do a lot of eating tonight.

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