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090328 rainbow after storm

1 Something happened yesterday. Since writing F1D0 I found myself agitated. Sleeping was just outside my reach. That's a tiny lie. I would sleep a while and wake up again.

2 During one such waking period, I decided to contact our local police. They have a department for nut cases like me. "Something happened at work today, and I just need to talk to an officer for a moment. I guess I need some advice." The lady asked me where I live, and connected me with the local station, where I spoke with a desk clerk, who wasn't an officer.

3 I told her what I told you yesterday. She asked me to describe the women, so I did. "People meeting that description have been making scenes like that across North York. So did you take the Hundred?" I reaffirmed that I didn't. "Good for you. She usually makes the young cashiers give in, and then there isn't anything we can do."

4 At work, this has already reached our store's assistant manager. She affirmed that I was abiding by established company policy. Well, not by raising my voice to the customers. As I prepare this, I wish I could have used The Voice, or perhaps imitated an Arnold Schwarzeneger demonic voice, "Get Out."

5 So on hearing this, my sour mood lifted considerably! There is a rainbow after the storm!

6 I wish I were joking, but there are about ten men who live at my store. One of these guys bought us pizza! There is a Pizza Pizza on the plaza, but he had Domino's Pizza delivered instead. Thin crust, moist with sufficient sauce, and it had salami slices instead of pepperoni. I was working with two girls tonight, and they had some. Not much of it. It's not that they dislike pizza, but wanted to eat some hot and fresh later on tonight after work, rather than getting full while they're still on the job.

7 I don't want you to think these men who live at the store are homeless. They seem to conduct their business here at the cafe. The one who treated us has this watch business. So he has his small Acer Aspire One and he's on the eBay site constantly watching the auction prices. He uses this to establish the true value of an item he's hoping to buy or sell.

8 He's met my folks. He bought a watch from my dad that he really likes. My dad sells these things at bargain prices because his eyes just aren't any good now. He used to fix them himself. Now he needs help with it. Macular Degeneration is not a good thing.

9 Spring is in the air. So many of the drinks we made today are the blended frozen ones. Frappucino. The most common sale for today was the Vanilla Bean Frappucino. And joy of joys, I'm spending more time making drinks. This is good, since I hate being a liability on the bar. I think I just need practice making some of the special drinks. The ones with protein, the ones with green tea macha powder. Also the rare drinks. I'm thinking I should be finished my retraining soon.

10 I'm still eating yesterday's pork in broth. I ate most of the vegetables out of the soup last night. I wish I could easily convey how these things come out, what the taste is. I guess the best description of the soup is for you to imagine the water used to make frozen vegetables, enhanced with a meat taste, like a good professional chicken soup. It's very mild, mostly because I prefer it that way. Not excessively salty. I don't like it very hot either. I work hard at keeping it from boiling during preparation. Still, don't fool yourself: it's hot enough to scald your tongue even if it isn't boiling at all. (uh, I've made this error although not tonight)

11 After I save this, I will begin working on my English dance program for Sunday. I like a good list. Some things for 3 couples, some things for a longways set. I never know how many will show up. Also, I have preference towards dances that are boistrous with lots of partner and neighbour interaction. I shy away from the ones which are showy and slow. I'm not about elegant presentations. I'd rather offer up the dancing done by happy drunken families at an English wedding party. Busy bubbly dances with lots of opportunities for hand and eye contact. I'll leave the dances which show off the mathematical prowess of the dance's writer to another dancing master (or mistress).

12 Before I go to my dance, I hope to visit Factory Direct with their coupons. They have a picture frame on sale. Ok, it has a Spongebob theme. But only if I stick those decals onto it. It's capable of being plain too. The price is right, and I'm thinking it might be handy to display the many pictures I have without using the computer. Also, I'm eager to try to use it for other applications. Home made advertising. Music display during performance. I just want to see the benefits, or failings first hand.

13 It wasn't too long ago that I bought a couple of special MP3 players. These are popular enough! Almost everyone I've seen at work has Apple's players. I call this model I have "a sausage". It is shaped like a small salami. It has built in speakers (I bet yours doesn't have speakers of it's own). It uses four C cells or a wall transformer. I bought it before a dance where I was told that no musicians would be turning out. As it happens, I got musicians after all, so now I don't need it, and look!, I got two of them. They weren't costly, and I didn't want it to vanish forever. It takes SD cards, and was only 30.00 (each).

14 I've got quite a library of English Country Dance music. Most of it was performed by Bare Necessities, for the Boston Centre dances. The spelling is correct! For some reason, they continue to use the centRE spelling in that part of the world. Elsewhere in USA the spelling centER is used. I've also got a CD from Hold the Mustard, from Childgrove, and from Mollenhauer Rennaissance. These take up 700 megabytes. There is still a lot of room afterwards on the 2G flash memory chip.

15 SD memory is like something out of a Star Trek episode. They're smaller than a postage stamp, and as thick as three credit cards. They hold just mountains of memory. Most devices either support the old standard (about 2g max), or the new standard (about 2g min). While it's meant primarily as camera memory, they are so neat and tidy in my wallet! I love them. A few of them are Micro SD: I keep these in their adaptor, so they're just like regular SD cards.

16 So you have news of today, as well as some sundry ramblings. I'll have some more soup, a shower, and then set up the music so I can pick the dances for tomorrow.

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