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090329 running late

1 So I guess I was up too late last night. I keep doing that. Oh well. My computer is still giving me trouble too. It's fast enough for normal work, like typing and regular browsing. But chat uses Java, and that's not fast. As I type, the characters are echoed only one or two a second. That isn't satisfactory at all.

2 I didn't have much luck with it. But that didn't keep me from wasting a lot of time trying. I got up today around 100pm. Shortly after that I got a call from my parents asking if we could spend some time together today. I've not seen them in a month. They live about half a mile away, but they live their life, and we get together when they're interested in getting together.

3 I find myself rushing. I've not finished preparing the dances for tonight's English Dance. Yikes. I went through the last 10 times I've led the dance, and picked a favourite from each page. I left the dances that were already on the page there, let them get pushed to the bottom. Now I had about 3 pages of dances, with the ten I'd like at the top, and others further down. I may not have practiced, but at least I've got some dances I've called before. That's a start.

4 Next I fill the bag of pastry I'm bringing. I'm lucky to get so many cookies and goodies from the store. I don't eat these myself, lest I grow to mammoth proportions. I brought quite a lot today. Lemon poppy seed loaf, donuts, chocolate chunk cookies. And it was all eaten or taken home. This is Good!

5 A rushed shower. I get out and see their white minivan outside the bathroom window. Yikes, this is taking too long.

6 I was planning on having some nice soup broth, the same meat and broth I've been eating from over the last few days. I'd turned it on earlier. Now that my folks were here I would just turn it off, having some when I got home much later.

7 FOOEY!! There was a lot of rain last night, and the area near the kitchen has a half an inch of water. I don't have time for this, but I don't have time to just ignore it either. I rescue anything that could be damaged by water that seeped in. And of course, my stocking feet are now soaked. Fooey. Nothing I can do now about that. Just no time.

8 Ring! My cell phone goes off. "David? Did you change your mind about coming?" "No Dad," I sigh. "I've had some trouble here, and I just came out of the shower. I'll tell you about it in person in just a moment."

9 The hard feelings vanish the instant I am inside their car. I ask Mom if she'll take me to Factory Direct along Dufferin St south of Wilson Ave (before she just starts driving anywhere, probably eastbound). She agrees. So off we go. I was interested in getting some inexpensive electronic picture frames. These have the Spongebob logo on them. Fine. I don't care about that. In this case, the buttons are yellow. They were only 25.00 each. I got two of them. I'm hoping they're useful for other things. We'll see. I'll advise you here of whatever progress I make.

10 We got there without a problem. Often, my mother gets lost. But she instinctively found the way there without anybody's help. There was plenty of parking too. You see, the downtown store has street parking, and it's in high demand. The Scarborough store has parking, but drivers there are often aggressive, and I don't like having to stare and growl at another driver for a space to park.

11 Afterwards, we went directly to the Burger King around the corner. Where would we be without a 3.99 special!? My folks like these fast food joints as places to sit and meet. Sometimes I wish they'd give Starbucks a try. They always have music from forty years ago playing, the kind of stuff used for swing dance. But my parents consider that place pretentious. When they're ready, they too will discover it can be their "third place" that is, a home away from home.

12 They took me to Wilson Station. I looked briefly to see if I could buy my April Metropass with my debit card, but they have no such service at Wilson Stn. Oh well. I went to Pape Stn, where there is another Starbucks. Today I had a coffee with ice and sugar free hazelnut. No cream. It was light and pleasant. Certainly not heavy from milk or cream. I needed something caffeinated to wake up and improve my leadership. I really need better brains. Until that happens, I need coffee.

13 Too bad we didn't have enough dancers! We had people. John came out, but his hand was full of stitches. He had some kind of problem, and maybe his hand will work better once it's all healed. Rica came out, and also had to leave early. I prepared badly, and didn't learn any 2-couple dances! Fie!

14 We certainly had lots of musicians! Eight of them? Plenty. Eventually we got the extra warm bodies we needed. And the musicians helped a bit too, so we had four couples. That is enough to do most dances.

15 Cathy was murmuring in jest: thinking of closing down the group. But we got enough money tonight to pay for things, so "...I guess we can't close it down yet." I guess running the weekly dance is like a weight around the neck of the organizers. I teach once a month, but don't get involved in the meetings. Hell, I'm often unable to come out to the dances at all. Sometimes I wish I were free to join in with the occasional music practices they hold.

16 I came right home. It takes so long! I don't get it, but it took an eternity for me to get here. Following that, everything I did at home took a long time too. Maybe I'm just in a fog, and don't notice time passing while I stand and stare at a small point of dust.

17 Along the way, there are the kind of vegetable stores I miss! We just don't have them in North York, but do have them along Bloor St and along The Danforth. They had bags of washed vegetables, 3/$1 so I got three of them! I dumped one of these bags into the soup, and was happy with the soup veg this way. I also got a package of cheap barbecued sausages for $1.50 which I cut up and cooked with the rice and some "normal" diced frozen vegetables. Finally, I'm soaking some lentils for tomorrow. Yes, I was craving variety tonight.

18 I tried to talk over internet phone, but it didn't work! I think Rogers had a major cut out here in the city. I hope they're in business again tomorrow. And I spent some time trying to get chat working. I have a favourite old computer I use here, with Windows Me. It got slow on me, and I've been trying to get it fast again. I've got a Windows XP computer next to it. Normally that isn't online, but I put it online today. Wouldn't you know it: No Java on it! So I installed different Javas until I got one that worked and was reasonably fast. Microsoft Java is small and fast. And the older Sun Java isn't bad. I don't care for the new 10 megabyte version of the new one, but as long as it works and it's not slow, I'll try not to whine about it here.

19 Now it's after 400am, and time for me to collapse. I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow, but I won't likely start my day until after 11am or 12noon.

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