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090401 stories from work

1 There are rough times coming at work, perhaps.

2 We have a new district manager. I'd heard he was a tough guy, a believer in following rules, a person who thought the best way to make sure a partner knew he'd made a mistake was to write him up.

3 I was expecting someone older than I was, someone with zero tolerance for bullshit, humourless and dour. I've met him. He's young and fit, and smiles with his mouth and his eyes. He's only just a bit older than most of the young partners I work with. Now it is entirely possible that he really does believe in following rules and procedures, because I've not had any words with him yet. But so far, he is Not what I've expected.

4 In spite of that, there are a few people who may be written up in the next few days, when he comes to visit our store in an official capacity. You already know about my own faux pas, and the hundred dollar bill. Here are some other stories for you.

5 I so badly want to use their names, but if a search is done, and they're not so happy about being blogged in this way or if it causes them upset with work or management, it will all be my fault. So for now, permit me to be vague about exactly whom I happen to mean.

6 There is a young girl who came to us from a Burger King. She was a shift manager, and worked at a store inside one of the big movie chains. She had many stories of her own. The movie chain didn't respect the staff's availability chart, and would routinely schedule them for work during school and examinations, and would terminate them for not making other arrangements in the eleventh hour.

7 This girl (and her boyfriend) were broken into last week. She lost her wallet with money, her laptop computer and a little bit more (not much more though). She heard the break in at the time, and it completely frazzled her nerves. In an effort to wash it away, she had her hair dyed red. Not candy pink, but red as in Irish Red Hair. One of our own shift managers decided that this hair colour was too wild for the store, and started proceedings for having her written up. But since her colour choice was a natural one, she's fighting the charge rather than taking it, and will be meeting the district manager to discuss it. She figures she'll either keep her job, or will be sent home on account of the whole thing. It's too bad, because she's had plenty of bad luck recently.

8 A previous story from the same girl is one of roommates. She has had trouble with those she lives with in a major way. It's amazing she still has a place downtown. The roommate contacted the landlord and told her that she was vacating the house downtown. Not that the roommate was moving, but said the entire house was moving. I was told four such major breaches happened on account of this one jilted roommate. It took effort, but the roommate has moved out.

9 Back to work: Another girl was sent home recently for hair and nail colour offences. So our boss is talking with my supervisor and they're worried about sending her home. Why? Because it's very hard to run the store with just two of us. None of us will get any breaks, and we'll be on the go for the entire eight hours. We were also worried she might not want to show up after having been sent home that way. Now she'd get terminated, but that doesn't help us out at work today. Normally, people come in a half an hour before their shift. I know I do. This girl did not. So we're worried she's not going to appear. But at 4 minutes prior to the shift, she comes in, and she's on time. And look, no more long coloured claws, and her hair is tied into a bun, like a librarian. All was well. And from what I heard, she's not getting written up over this.

10 We have lots of thin pretty girls at our store. And they all seem to like wearing shirts that are a children's extra small size. This fits skintight on them, highlights their breasts through the opening of the golfshirt, and (here it comes) exposes their back and backside when doing bending work. Our boss keeps telling them to wear longer looser shirts, but they're just not eager to do that. One in particular keeps getting asked to fix it. She's been a good partner and barista for ages, but will be sent home if she doesn't pull her shirt over back. And her butt.

11 It might have been cold out, but the sunny weather keeps people coming into my store! There were no long lines, but I had four people in line non-stop all day long. I work at a pace so that I can continue to sell and serve them without letup, so while I'm whining to you about how tired I am, I can tell you I go slowly enough so that I won't ever break down. In fact, I work so that I enjoy the whole thing. Every customer who comes to my counter gets a few good seconds of genuine retail service affection. I try to make them smile, and I smile to them. I share whatever happens to run through my little mind. Most respond favourably.

12 So I got home. When I arrived at work, I felt sorry for the girl with the bad luck this week. The same supervisor who rides her also can find fault with me; she does this often. So I took the time I had to go buy a sub from Subway, and I gave her half of it. I didn't get to eat my half until I got in the door here. For you curious ones, it was a 12 inch meatball sub, extra cheese, extra sauce, extra mild vegetables, no spicy vegetables.

13 I still crave meat and spices. I'm thinking of making curry with the soup and lentils I have in stock right now. And look! The apartment is finally warming up. What a difference that makes. Otherwise all I can do here is hibernate.

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