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090402 the difficult boss

1 There are rough times coming at work, perhaps. I said that yesterday.

2 Am I going to discuss our district manager? No, I've not yet met him.

3 What about our store's manager? He's okay too! He started about a month prior to me, and has this gentle style of management. He trusts his boys and girls to do what they have to do. He expects them to be on time, to do their job, and work with him in following rules (especially the rules that he may not exactly wish to follow himself). Am I going to discuss him further? No, he's not the one I'm writing about.

4 Our store has an assistant manager. She's sweet. She's pregnant again too! Sometimes I look more pregnant than she does. These thin women who have babies don't show. Us overweight guys always put the lard on in one place: Our Gut. I'd like to write some stories about her, but for one reason or another, we rarely work together. We pass each other: as I'm getting started, she's winding up for the day, exhausted. So she's not the object of today's essay.

5 Our store has a number of Shift Supervisors. We run the store with usually three people, occasionally four. One of these people is the boss for the shift. This person (even if there are other Shift Supervisors, or managers working) is in charge of things. They will make pronouncements like "Dave, could you do a buss?" or "Can you fill the bin with ice?, then punch out and take your Half."

6 They sign the duty roster, ensuring the daily, the weekly, and the monthly jobs are covered and signed off. They count the safe at the beginning of their tour of duty, use it for making change for us cashiers, and count it once again at the end, to ensure it hasn't changed.

7 While we have a lot to do during the day, our job and our pay is mostly low. It's important to have fun and relax while doing something that can otherwise suck the soul right off of your bones. It's important not to take it too seriously. Get the jobs done, but don't lose your precious sense of humour.

8 So today's adventure is about one Shift Supervisor who feels differently. She has an eye for right and wrong, and can hear errors from across the store. She can detect a shortcut taken while busy with three other customers. And breaches in policy that happened a week ago aren't forgotten, but are brought up for a friendly discussion.

9 I'll add an important caveat here: She's a nice girl! It's just that being a supervisor has turned her, during working hours, into a perfectionist monster and someone who will notice every error in judgement I make during our time together.

10 I was thinking of telling you each of the things I've done wrong today. I've written a few of them down, and now I recant my testimony. Maybe on another day it will seem to fit, and I'll share a sin or two with you.

11 The day started many little mistakes. You see, one mistake welcomes the next. I get nervous in front of her! I forget how to do things I know how to do well. So the first two hours were the worst. I kept getting her attention for misdemeanours.

12 I had a break, and used my new MSI Wind for the first time. It was good. It went online, checked my gmail, and it did what it had to do, and was efficient. I can now tell you the Starbucks Card gives you two hours of internet. Even though there is a place to log off the internet, and it suggests that it stops counting your online time, this is simply incorrect. Once you sign on, your session will expire in two hours, whether or not you actually get benefit from it. I put money onto my partner card, which is also a Starbucks stored value card. That got me another two hours of which I used 20 minutes.

13 After my first break, I went back to my cash register, and somehow found my groove. I really like to mark the drink before I call it, and if I do that, I rarely mess a customer's drink up. I make sure they tell me what they want in the cup, and it's marked in plain view.

14 It was definitely a nonstop day. At 600pm, we had 50 more customers than the computer predicted, making today some kind of record for us. It's normal for me to receive one 20 after another as payment for each drink-- In the Morning! But in the evening the pace is often much more relaxed. Not today. It felt like the opening shift.

15 I was tired. I came home, I showered, and made all sorts of food. Turkey: sliced away from the bone, then the slices fried up. Vegetables in soup. Chicken gravy. Rice with butter.

16 I napped a while. Got up a while, and will nap again, perhaps for the night, soon.

17 When I arrived in the apartment, the place was so very hot. Now that I'm sleepy, I'm finding it chilly. I heard it raining a while ago. I hope it doesn't flood into my kitchen again! It's supposed to be raining tomorrow as well. Sigh.

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