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1 Yesterday I said "It's supposed to be raining tomorrow as well. Sigh." Apparently I have a gift for understatement.

When April showers may come your way
They bring the flowers that bloom in May
So when it's raining have no regrets
Because it isn't raining rain you know
It's raining violets.

3 When I did some research on this song, I got this URL as a first listing:

4 But that's Not who first came to mind at all. I was thinking of when Bugs Bunny sings this song near a waterfall. He takes on "Black Jacques Shellaque" (forgive weak spelling). The name of the cartoon is "Wet Hare". I'm having trouble finding an online copy of it. I found http://www.youtube.com/v/AAPlyGCDA-o but this has been removed due to a Warner Bros claim.

5 It's been raining all day long here. I got up around 1pm for my shift which started at 3pm. It was raining most of the night, and all day long until then. I knew there would be trouble. My kitchen was very wet.

6 I came home around midnight, and while the place has not entirely flooded, each step in the kitchen makes a squirt of water fly. There is a carpet near the kitchen, and that is certain to make my socks wet-- Soaking Wet.

7 When dealing with days like today, I like to be barefoot or in shoes which won't mind getting wet. Part of the barefoot thing is also being rather naked when I'm at home. I don't want you to think this is some kind of sexy thing. It's just that my bikini zone has been trapped all day long, and this is my chance, before going to bed, to let it free to breathe some air for a while.

8 Imagine a pet trapped in a cage all day long- this is when I let it out of the cage for some brief freedom, prior to bed time. Pun intended.

9 I prepared lot of food yesterday. I didn't cook it all. I'll be frying some pork later. And for now, I've made rice and frozen corn together. The rice gets sweet and interesting this way.

10 Normally I'd be all about making a big dinner right now, but something didn't go down right yesterday, and has caused me a wet stomach since getting home. Oddly, it didn't affect me at work at all. In fact, I didn't know I had problems until after I got home, and had to visit the throne urgently a few times in a row... within the same hour.

11 Talking about weather is one of the boring things Canadians do over and over, especially when they want to talk to someone they've never spoken with before, and are looking for some commonality. But now it's done so much, it has become a cliche. But for today, the problem is real. There has been too much rain, and I have a kitchen gently flooded with water.

12 Oh, one last thing. I've heard there might be snow here tomorrow.

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