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1 Snow. I had the day off today, and had no itinerary. So I went outside a few times, but never actually got out at all. Maybe I'll get out a while after I write this and post it for you. It was cold, and I'm a wuss.

2 I went into the LCBO a day or so ago, and looked over the Bailey's Irish Cream. They want a lot of money for that. Too much money for that. I started doing research on Irish Cream Recipes.

3 The first thing to note is the spelling difference between Liquor and Liqueur. I'm good with spelling, but they're close enough for me to confuse under pressure.

4 All of the recipes on cooks.com seemed nearly identical. I'll share one of them here for you. I've reformatted it, and converted the fractions to decimals.

1.75 c  liquor (whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, or brandy)
14 oz   can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated)
1 c     whipping or light cream
4       eggs
2 ts    instant coffee
2 tb    chocolate flavored syrup
1 ts    vanilla extract
.5 ts   almond extract

5 Here is a similar one from allrecipes.com - you can see how close it is. I noticed that it doesn't have eggs.

HOMEMADE IRISH CREAM LIQUEUR http://allrecipes.com 
1.25 c    Irish whiskey, brandy, rum, bourbon, and scotch or rye whiskey
14 oz can EAGLE BRAND Sweetened Condensed Milk (NOT evaporated milk)
2 c       whipping cream or coffee cream
2 tb      chocolate syrup
2 tb      instant coffee
1 ts      vanilla extract
.5 ts     almond extract
6 The real question is when I intend to make it. I'm not a big drinker, so I need a good bottle to store the finished product in, so I can take my time about it. If I make it at work, I can share some of it with the friends afterwards. And if I skip the eggs, I won't have problems with eggs going bad. I rather doubt it's a problem, with all of that sugar and alcohol in the bottle. Finally if I do it at work, we can use a couple of shots of genuine espresso rather than the two spoons of instant coffee.

7 I've been away for a few hours during the storm. I just have to get out of the house on my days off, lest I go stir crazy.

8 I went to the Chinese supermarket at Warden and Sheppard East. I have written about this store, calling it messy. Maybe they read the essay, because today it was so clean there. Old fixtures, old shelves, old floor. But everything was clean and smelled nice. The meat was cheap: Rib Eye for 2.58/lb, pork side ribs 1.49/lb, boneless soup pork for 1.29/lb, pork back bones .49/lb. By comparison the chicken was costly, but I got some anyway. Drumsticks 1.19/lb, leg quarters .99/lb. In all I spent $45 tonight. "Dave and his money..."

9 The snow is accumulating. I got the same 85 Sheppard driver each way. He often has an angry attitude because of the people on the bus. Today he was happy to talk to me. He's got friends in Kirkland Lake (near Timmins) who are hip deep in snow right now. And here I am whining about this dusting of snow. It's not going away! But it's certainly not hip deep. We were talking about land rights, how people buy land, but don't get the rights to the gold that is underneath it. Kirkland Lake used to be a big gold mining area.

10 I'm home. I'll need to clean up a bit so I can repackage the meat I have, date it for secure freezing. I'll make the chicken tonight as Shake and Bake.

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