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1 There was more snow today. It was expected. It was also halfway sunny, so I made a point of leaving the house.

2 But where do I go? I did have some thing to attend to. I had a note that the post office had something for me to pick up. I wasn't expecting anything at all, but figured I'd better pick it up right away.

3 The Canadian post office system uses private stores for handling mail pick up such as these special deliveries. There is a store close to me, and this particular one was delivered to the Shoppers Drug Mart close to Finch Station.

4 When I got there, the lady asked me for ID, and told me that the information would be sent to the sender of the envelope. I took it from her for a moment, wondering if I was going to get some kind of spam. It wasn't! I applied for a credit card a week ago, and instead of sending me a welcome message, and a card later on, they just sent me a card. What a surprise!

5 I'm planning a trip eventually. I would have gone to NEFFA this year, but didn't expect a credit card to arrive so soon. Next I want to get my passport in order, and finally, I'll be ready to rent a car. For next year's NEFFA, I'll be able to drive there, go to the event, drive to the place I'm staying the night, etc. I feel like I may have said this before in a previous essay. Oh well.

6 I got a GST cheque today. There is a bank machine for my bank at St Clair and Yonge, so I went to St Clair Station. As I'm leaving the subway, looking to put on my toque, my cheque is caught by the wind. Oh no! I caught it after four attempts with my foot. I pulled inside a nearby McDonalds and dressed up. The place I was going was just across the street, but I wasn't going to lose my cheque again!

7 Funny thing. I deposited 120.00 and had a final balance of 48.00 - oh no once again! I was overdraft and didn't know about it until now. My account handles minor overdrafts, but I would rather know about it, and not go below zero without real need. If I weren't eager to sleep early tonight, I'd go onto my bank's site and see where the money went so that I was overdraft.

8 As I leave the bank, there is a 97 Yonge bus. These aren't frequent, since they expect people to take the subway instead. I rush for the bus, and go all of the way to the end: Queens Quay. That's the lakefront.

9 In good weather, I'd expect to see lots of people, hot dog vendors, and more tourists than ever. As it was, there were people there, but not so many. There was heavy snowfall, so the day was tourist hostile. Eager to get out of the cold, I entered the Westin Convention Centre.

10 There was a meeting for people involved in water treatment, and the event was sponsored by AstraZeneca, the drug company. I didn't help myself to any of the many goodies laid out everywhere. This party wasn't mine. But they had healthy snacks, nuts, fruits, vegetables and champagne glasses full of carrot or pomegranite puree drink. It looked very elegant. I brought home some of the booklets with vendor information. I wish I would have seen a vendor area. They are always very educational for me.

11 East of this convention centre is the Redpath Sugar factory. It's not as big as it used to be, but it still seems like a living company. Just beyond it on the Queens Quay is a big Loblaws store. It was a good place to go in for a sweet. There was a lot to see on the walls upstairs, and I'm sorry I didn't visit there earlier: it's an unsupervised picnic area for staff and customers alike. I was downstairs, where they sell it.

12 As always, there are missing details, but I will close this essay anyway. I will be getting up around 5am for an early shift tomorrow. Our store's district manager is there, and I want to be bright and attentive.

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