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090409 dodged a bullet twice

1 I can't remember the weather, if that makes sense. I'm leaving history for too long before I write about it. Maybe the weather won't matter too much.

2 Our store had a visit on Wednesday. All hands on deck! Assistant manager, lots of shift supervisors, store manager, district manager, regional director! And me!

3 There is a reason for everything, I suppose. We wanted to make a good impression, so we had everyone with unique (and positive) personality there to show off. I fit into that category. You see, I love my customers, and show that in how I talk to them. Sometimes I think I sound obsequious (eep! I just did a google define:obsequious and felt odd afterwards). Most of the kids take care of their customers, and tolerate them as symbiants, but without much affection.

4 I'm not afraid to look at bosses and customers in the eye and sing out, "Ok, who is my next victim?!" As long as I keep moving as fast as I can, and don't have idle chat with the guests when there are more people to serve, everyone is glad to see me so happy.

5 But a few things happened recently. You read about the hundred dollar incident. And about a week after that, a customer said they wanted a "Taso Chai" complained the price was too high, just wanted "a cup of tea" but then complained again when we gave them the container of soy milk, "I've never had to put this in myself!"

6 We got exasperated, but didn't say anything rude to the customer. But we did audibly sigh. He interpreted this (rightly) as attitude. I apologized profusely, and gave him a free drink coupon. He took the coupon, but spontaneously boiled over again, demanding our names. My boss gave her name and mine without hesitation.

7 Back to the royal visit: neither this customer, nor the hundred dollar customer were mentioned to me. The only negative comment they had was about my suspenders. They are blue, and want them to be black in colour. Big happy sigh. Reminder for me: I should remember to bring an ethernet wire with me to work. We have so many open ports on the router, there is no reason for me to be wireless there!

8 They checked every nook and crannie looking for things dusty or nasty. Happily, we miss cleaning the occasional part of the store, but not for more than a few days, never for longer. Each shift supervisor has their own favourite thing they do that "nobody else does". I put that in quotes because they say it with such personal pride. "Nobody fills the spice jars but me!" says one. "Does anyone ever wash these doors?" says another. "We're supposed to sanitize the garbage bins after each time they're emptied!" says another. Each one whines this while doing it, and between them all, our whole store is covered. Or is mostly covered. I'll meet with our boss next week, and find out what things we've missed.

9 When I get out of work at 2pm, I'm free to do things before bed. I went to along Yonge St via the bus. Got out just prior to Eglinton Avenue. That's a lovely neighbourhood for walking and hanging out. No expensive dining out, as I don't want to spend any cash until my next pay comes. I get money on Friday though.

10 I tested my webcam on the MSI. Of course it didn't work. But I installed some drivers, rebooted the machine, and look, it worked on Yahoo!

11 Today I was working with the difficult supervisor, who wasn't so difficult today. We got through everything just fine. No incidents. Since today was the first day of Passover, our store was quieter. But it was also busier: customers came in and stayed for much longer periods of time. They didn't leave. They didn't buy as much as they should (according to the computer's guess), but our house was full up to thirty minutes before closing.

12 I guess it will be like this all week.

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