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1 Today was unimportant. Nothing very bad happened, nothing very good happened. The weather was a little cold, but warmer than winter time. No flooding outside, no flooding inside.

2 Still, I say to "It's Time."

3 My gut. Yesterday, for Easter, there were treats around. We were bought ice cream, and I had a rum and coke, and a strawberries and cream drink, and had a sandwich with a lot of bread on it. Yesterday and the day before had pancakes. I could go on. But the problem is I'm eating food that is bad for me.

4 Everyone knows certain foods are bad. But when I eat the bad food, I can feel the weight gain and my girth increase right away. Last night, I felt so big and awful that breathing was hard to do, my gut kept getting in the way. I was still half awake half asleep and heard the loud snoring. Yes, that's another sign that It's Time for me to do something.

5 The question is what- What am I going to do? What am I actually going to do? At this point I feel like I'm making new year's resolutions, because that is what is going to happen. But if I don't take it a bit more seriously than that, I won't have as many years as I like, and the ones which remain will be full of heart disease and joint pain.

6 I'll have to schedule WalkRun each day. It was The Running Room that introduced me to this. As an unfit runner, I have to make precautions to ensure I work hard, but at the same time avoid injury. The first time I do this WalkRun, I'll run for 60 seconds, then walk for 60 seconds, using a time piece of some sort to give me each second of rest that's coming to me. I'll do this for an hour if I can.

7 If I get through the hour, I'll do another hour the next day. I'll continue repeating these 60-60 until I feel like I'm babying myself too much. Then I'll change the ratio to Run 2min Walk 1min. And so on. As long as I'm heavy, I think for me I keep the ratio at Run 6min Walk 1min. Even when I lived in Thunder Bay, and I was doing this often, I found it an optimum speed for me. But when I did it there, it was never more than once a week. I think if I'm to get benefit, I will have to find time to do this every day, and only allow three days without this each 7-day period. Some kind of stern "every day" rule. If I want the benefits, I can't fool around with this.

8 I guess I can't fool around with food either. I know which foods I have to avoid.

9 I can't eat sugars, starches nor alcohols. I'll stay away from breads, sweets and "drinks". If I do it right, I shouldn't have to measure out anything else. As long as the rule I follow is 'no sugars' then I won't have to worry about counting fruits and cakes- just none. I know there are starches in vegetables, but I'll allow myself to have them if I'm eating them in a raw or steamed vegetable, like a bean or a broccoli.

10 But I'll have to avoid eating them in whole rice, potatoes, kasha and pasta. Sigh. I'll cheat with beans. I don't want to avoid nutrition, just starch, sugar and alcohol.

11 The last decision I have to make is when. I'm inclined to say "today", but there is so much food I have around here that is in the starch-sugar department that I'll have to discard it or feed it to others. Who knows? But it's not good for me.

12 I'll try to start today. That's not a firm committment, but I am unhappy with how I felt last night. I'll have to stay with this probably a year before I'm significantly thinner. I'll have to probably join a gym when the weather gets bad too, if I'm to keep this up in the late fall.

13 I hope these aren't empty words. You'll hear about it either way.


14 I tried talking myself out of it, but didn't. I dressed and left. I used the emergency spare virgin phone, as it's smaller and I thought I'd use the stopwatch or countdown feature. I didn't: too much fiddling.

15 In fact, I wasn't able to maintain a 1min 1min ratio. More like Run 30sec Walk 60sec. I say "more like" because as I got into it, the ratio kept getting worse. In the end, I would run until I felt my heart beating hard, then walked until it stopped doing that.

16 I dressed in shorts, t-shirt, black sweat shirt, neck ring, winter toque. I probably should have brought along water.

17 I'm surprised certain leg muscles ache now: my first time out in ages only lasted 35 minutes altogether. I'll try harder tomorrow.

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