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090412 specific mall

1 Yesterday was a Saturday at work. Nothing bad, really. We are open until 1130pm, and that seems like a long day. But it was good. Not too busy, not too quiet either.

2 Today was spent with my parents.

3 I asked if we could go to Wal-Mart. Get supplies for the rabbits. It's not impossible to carry the big bags on the bus, but it's easier if we go in their car.

4 It's Easter Weekend. So most of the stores are closed. In Toronto, I'm not used to things being closed, but it happens. No Wal-Mart for me! We went to Wendy's.

5 I'd just eaten. Remember, I'm trying to behave on this new diet and exercise thing. I was well behaved yesterday, and badly behaved today. I didn't run today, as it was 0 Celcius out (but bright and sunny). And I had rice with the food I ate out today, and that's forbidden. I will have to start again tomorrow.

6 So across from Wendy's is a Starbucks, and I got a big coffee there. I've worked occasionally at that store. It's bigger than mine, has it's own parking, and has less traffic.

7 What can we do on a holiday in Toronto? We were on Steeles Ave, and heading Eastbound. How about Pacific Mall?

8 It is on the North East corner of Steeles Ave East and Kennedy. It has a big lot, but for a shopping centre with this much attention, that just isn't enough. We got there, and even on the outside perimeter there were two and three cars all prowling the same space with someone inside the car, hoping it would leave soon, and they could get that spot.

9 That's far too wild for my folks. They continued without me to find a flea market nearby.

10 For you dear readers who don't know, Pacific Mall is a large building with maybe 500 tiny stores. Boutiques, CD and DVD sellers, computer stores, cell phone stores, Chinese confections, Asian jerky and snacks, assorted Asian food court joints, bubble tea places, and much more. It's a huge place, with long avenues. Each avenue is about a quarter mile long. And the ground floor has six such avenues. The upper floor has more food places than the ground floor. The basement only has parking and bathrooms, and is always busy. It's like a flea market, but each store has glass walls, and can be very securely locked each night.

11 I was thinking if I were rich, I could buy a parcel of land very near to this centre, and call it "PACIFIC MAIL" (in upper case, it looks a lot like Pacific Mall), or "Specific Mall" which sounds so similar to the other one, just being close would suffice. I would entice new vendors with a better rent, and attract customers with later hours. I understand that in Asia, many such malls are open 24 hours a day. Imagine a flea market open until midnight!

12 The smell from the food court got my attention, and everything was priced at 4.75 a combo, with drink or soup. They made so many wonderful things. I didn't want to be fighting with little bones, so I decided on something with sliced beef. Black bean sauce, eggplant, rice. Eeep, rice is forbidden! I ate it anyway. Hot and sour soup. Forbidden! I ate it anyway.

13 I'll try harder tomorrow. That's how I ended my last entry too. But I will. I will try harder tomorrow.

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