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1 I so badly want to catch you up on the past. A lot has gone on, and yet, with a life such as mine, even the minutia seem less important sometimes.

2 I spent about a week in Waterloo. I got lots of time off. It was an error from the boss, but it could have been on purpose too-- I'd asked him for this time verbally so I could go to NEFFA.

3 Technically, I could have gone. I suddenly had a new credit card, making it possible for me to rent a vehicle, drive to Massachusetts, get accomodation, go to Mansfield, attend etc. Dance, sing, play music and be exhausted.

4 But I changed my mind. I would have been on my own. On my own with lots of people, but still on my own.

5 So I ended up hanging out with family in Waterloo. We had barbecues, went to Mandarin and Mangolian Grill, and did the family thing. It's a familiar place, and we do the family thing.

6 The day Jeff came to pick us up, my Zipcar ID arrived by mail. I was thinking that he would have liked to see how the zipcar thing works, but he was too tired out to be interested. He normally collapses at 10pm, so picking us up at midnight was a lot for him.

7 So now, tonight. During my last break, I made an online reservation for a zipcar near home. It was cheap- half the usual price, and the car I chose is half the regular prices of other cars. For 3.25 an hour, I had a car for two hours!

8 I'm a nervous driver, mostly because I hardly ever drive. So being able to take a car on the road was good. It was raining hard, and that made it a better practice. Two hours was just right.

9 Eventually, I'll get the bill for everything. It should be 2*3.25 plus 13% in taxes. I will advise in a different journal entry.

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