2019.06.20 05.18

nearly autumn

i ran


april 2009

march 2009

090616 i ran today, i ran yesterday

1 It's true. I've been avoiding exercise for reasons I cannot explain.

2 I tell myself I don't want to go to a gym that has aerobics that aren't fun (the YMCA nearby). Their rates are adjustable according to income, and they're about half a mile from here.

3 I tell myself I don't want to spend 60.00 a month. (the Extreme Fitness nearby). They have high pressure sales people whose only job it seems is to sign you up for the most they possibly can. Extreme has great classes, lots of kinds of them. Many kinds of aerobics, yoga hot and cold, swimming and aquabics, and many many machines. It's just the price.

4 So yesterday and today I got dressed up with water bottle, and ran until I sweated, then walked. Today I did more than yesterday. It's so hard to start.

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