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091212 trip to MSI

1 I set my wake alarm for 11am, because Dad insisted that Mom should start early, to finish early, in day light.

2 I called there, but they weren't ready for such speed. "Pick a time", Mom says. "How about 2pm?" I say, and return to sleep.

3 Mom calls back at noon saying she's ready and I should get ready for pickup. Eeep, I was asleep again. I was ready for departure at 1215pm.

4 MSI's place isn't so far away. West Beaver Creek runs north of hwy 7 a block west of Leslie. We found the place right away.

5 At MSI, they run things the olde fashioned way. Everyone speaks fluent Taiwan Chinese. They're not well set up for customers. But a guy comes out, and asks me why I'm there. I tell him. He answers that keyboards never die, and thinks there might be some other problem. He asks if there is any problem with the replacement keyboard I'm using. He plugs mine into the laptop there, and it works. I'm calm. I remember that it works, but starts to fail after you use it for a minute. "A minute to wait together is an eternity, but it will fail soon," I offer. Sure enough, it starts making wrong keys for him, and then fails entirely. If it wouldn't have failed, he wouldn't have replaced it. He gets a similar keyboard, one that has no French support, asking me if that's alright. I think it's fine because I had trouble getting the French one to work. He gets me a return authorization form, where I had to copy the serial number from the receipt.

6 At this point he goes away, saying he has to enter all of this paper work now. He's gone at least a half an hour. This is important because I've left my parents freezing outside. They chose to do this, but I assumed I'd only be 5-10 mins. They were reading for 45m, but I went to check on them, and shortly after that, I was entirely done.

7 I asked the guy, when he came back with my keybaord and paperwork whether they were selling the touchscreen version of my system in Canada. I didn't see it at Fortune Computers, but read about it when I was looking for info. He says it's just like mine, but when you touch the screen, the mouse moves there to match. I asked about price and availability, but he didn't say. But he says they Do Have It, so there.

8 Mom and Dad thought I spent waay too much for a television. "Can't you get a flat screen monitor for a hundred dollars?" It's funny- I can explain to you and to others what a good deal this is, but had trouble convincing them as much. The new price for this new computer is $800, and I got it for $400 plus tax and disposal fee. But if I wanted a new tv with monitor this size, they figured I shouldn't have spent more than $250. (that was the price of the Shoppers Drug Mart TV DVD player). I still like this unit. It was brighter that any of the other ones I've seen.

9 They rushed me home to drop off the keyboard, and then rushed me to work. Work was expecting me to arrive late for a 4pm appointment. I was there at 215pm. But when I looked into the lobby, there were 20+ people waiting for service. Just two people working. Julie and Besh. Cassie was waiting to start, Cecilia was on her break, Julia was making the deposit. Cassie sees me dressing up in an apron. "they need a hand out there," I say. "I'll work for half an hour or an hour, then punch out. Just long enough to get rid of the line."

10 So Julie sees me in apron, ready to work. "i'm just here to help," I say. So I punch in, and I'm unblocked. The line continues for ages. It's like everyone decided to come to Stx for their lunch break. By 3pm, the line is gone, and I ask if I can punch out. Julie says I may was well just stay on the floor. So I did. Within a minute, I'm busy once again. So that's how my day began. Erica showed up and apologized for a late arrival. She knew I missed my pre-work coffee and food. I guess Julie told her in Tagalog.

11 Erica, Cassie and I were the closing team. One of the registers is broken, so we all kept our positions, with me taking cash, one of the two of them making drinks. Although there were a few times when I was switched.

12 We did cleaning whenever it got quiet. Saturday we are expecting the Regional Director to visit the store. So we cleaned up all of the spots which are often missed for one reason or another. Erica made sure the cupboards were nice. Cassie did the floors and oven carefully. We did lots of other little things.

13 I didn't get tired feeling. Everything was fine until I had a sample of the caramel brule that we were offering customers. Something about the steamed milk made my stomach run urgently. This happened around 10pm. Sudden cramps, and everything I did eat left me. But as soon as I was finished, I felt better, perhaps 5 minutes in the toilet.

14 We had a longer close than usual because one of the Point of Sale computers was broken. Also a few people kept coming. They were polite, so that was why they got service. "please please please? We've been driving trying to find an open starbucks for an hour." That got the first customers inside. When they were leaving, another pair begged to come in. Erica said no, but changed to yes. But late arriving customers slow down our exit. We didn't actually leave the store until after 11pm.

15 The bus arrived quick, but it was cold so it felt like a long wait. I caught the 98 shortly afterwards, and was home by 1120pm.

16 I found a beef steak in the freezer, so I defrosted it then fried it up. After that I wanted some kasha. I found an open pasta in the cupboard, and used the last of the pork soup, and had to search hard for the open kasha.

17 All of the ingredients went into the rice maker. It helped warm the place up.

18 Oh yes, the cold place has no cold water and trouble with the drain. Both were frozen. But hot water loosened up the drain. It did not help the cold water. I asked dad about that along the trip, and he said it was the work on the air conditioner. If I want to fix it, I have to remove the AC, and drop old clothes into the holes left open by the bad fix it man. While the thought of doing that during these -10C nights bothers me, I don't like the cold apartment at all. It's comfortable only because I have the thermostat set at 25C and blow it around a bit. There is still a terrible draft coming from the kitchen. And yes, it's coming from the cupboards as well as the hole, even though it is covered with plastic bags and duct tape.

19 I'm downloading Braveheart and Nausicaa tonight. Yesterday's download was Harry Potter Askaban and Buck Bunny. Buck bunny didn't work out. It was a huge download, but the computer cannot find the codec when I ask it to play. Oh well.

20 I've checked the time. It is 450am. So that's not bad. it only took me half an hour to recount my day to you.

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