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boxing day; nearly 2010

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091226 boxing day; nearly 2010

1 On my last entry I began, "I'm not used to writing anymore." That is still entirely true. But I resisted sending out multiple email messages this time with taking the effort to write into f1d0. Hi Everybody! (hai doktor dave!)

2 I'm here at Starbucks at Yonge and King. It's a big friendly cafe, and it's unreasonably quiet. Normally, this place is crazy with guests all waiting for the next free table. But it's boxing day today, and it's the opposite of normal. Yesterday was xmas, and people actually got into a verbal fight at my store over the occupation of tables and chairs.

3 I may start writing more often because I discovered a utility which makes it possible for me to use FTP here. FTP is the way I'm used to posting from my humble netbook into the server. But FTP on the command line just doesn't work at starbucks. I downloaded Filezilla, and look, it's working! Some of the best things in life seem to be free.

4 Today is Boxing Day, and so I spent money today. I resisted buying tooo much, so I've only spent $100.00 - actually a little more.

$39.00 super view TV to monitor interface
  9.95 amplified speakers
  6.40 taxes on above (fortune computers)
  7.99 pack 50 CDR
  5.99 pack 50 DVD
 12.99 philips Squid power bar
  3.50 taxes on above (tech direct)
 11.30 four black collared golf shirts, XL
  3.15 about 4 lb mini clementines
  1.79 vietnam spicy sandwich
  4.50 three packs reduced cold spring rolls
  1.54 doppio long espresso, sugar free caramel syrup; refill
108.10 total

5 Wow, I didn't really add it all up until I started preparing this for you to read. I'm concerned because it just happened so very gently. I kept telling myself I was hardly spending money today.

6 It's 845pm, and the barista here has just advised me the shop is closing in 15 minutes! I'd better hurry up and send this to the server.

7 So what was today actually like? I started my journey at Fortune Computers, and they had someone at the door who only let people in after they waited there for about 1 minute patiently first. Once inside, it was busy there, but there were enough motivated staff to handle the people, including me. Whatever I asked for, they found quickly and professionally. There was one salesguy there who remembered that I didn't have much excess cash last visit, and welcomed me back. Last time I was there I bought myself an MSI AP1900 computer-in-a-monitor, and helped A get a new EEEPC (I'll be entirely paid back).

8 Next stop, Factory Direct. They were much busier, and so I forgot what I wanted from them. I wanted to get another humidifier. I'll go to the Dufferin St store tomorrow with my folks perhaps. I wandered the store completely three times, but just couldn't focus on anything in particular. They seemed to have lots of monitors and flat televisions for sale, but I got so overwhelmed.

9 Let us remember fondly Alpha Plus computers, run by Sam and Lisa. They're cleaning up their store, getting out of the computer racket. Lisa has been a professional realtor for 13 years, so they'll be okay. She offered me anything they had in the store, which was a lot of interesting parts. I declined; I want everything, but I don't need anything at all, and have no space. She begged me to consider the new computer cases. But I'm not building any new systems any time soon. I'll miss them and their big dog, Jumbo.

10 I had a lot of stuff. I carried it all south along Spadina, checking out each of the t-shirt stores. When I found one with collared golf shirts, I got some- 4/$10 plus tax.

11 Next stop, one of the Viet sandwich stores. After I bought one, I saw the lady there marking down each of the $5.00 packages of spring rolls to $1.50 - I couldn't help myself, and got three of them.

12 Next stop: Best Buy. I can only imagine how crazy it was at 8am because it was rather crazy when I got there. I was unable to move the buggy very quickly because there were always crowds of people milling too close to me. Also, because of the situation, I was not able to really decide what was a good deal, and what was an average deal. So I didn't buy anything there.

13 Canadian Tire was next. They were busy earlier. The store was ransacked. Many empty shelves showing where the real sales were. Many messes of things close to the real sale item, but not, and therefore not reduced in price. For you non-Canadian readers, Canadian Tire isn't really a tire store. It's a huge hardware and department store. Weird Al Yankovic was thinking of a Canadian Tire when he wrote the song "Hardware Store." Or he should have been thinking of it. Check out http://albinoblacksheep.com and find the video! I love it.

14 Eaton Centre is a major mall downtown, where there used to be an Eaton's department store. It now has a Sears, and there is a Bay to the south of the mall. The mall was very packed. Just as crowded as the Best Buy. Not as many deals of course, but most of the tables in the food court were in use.

15 I got a phone call from a customer during my Starbucks time, so I went to see her for more than four hours. I caught the last subway train home.

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