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091227 power failed

1 Today had a late start, and had me playing with the computer quite a lot. It takes a bit of concentration to get all of the settings just right. I like my windows to have a very retro look. No colour fades, no animated effects, no fancy web based background wallpaper images. I tell windows to optimize for speed, and not have any themes running at all. If you were to look at the computer, you'd say I was running Windows 98 or Windows Me. In a way, I suppose I am.

2 I got a call from my parents. They finished visiting my dad's brother, and were coming over to see my new system. I'd been eager to show them it. I wanted them to experience how clear the screen was, how they could watch movies, or check out their camera media. Dad liked how thin this thing is. The entire computer is the monitor. Very quiet too. He kept wondering if it used solid state hard drive. Mom didn't have much to say about it. Dad thinks the computer is why I've wasted my life. That I use it to chat, download images, and organize it when I should be improving my career. He's right, but I doubt I'd have much success sprucing up the career. Fixing my life doesn't require raw time, it requires inspiration and an idea which I can follow through on from start to finish. When I find something I can do, and then will complete, I'll make sure I tell you and share the details.

3 We went out together. We didn't do much, but still it was something. We dropped into the small flea market at Jane and Finch. It has more things than the larger flea markets, oddly. Live birds, laptop computer sales, leggings. So we checked as much out as we could. Which isn't a lot, as the market was closing as we arrived. I wanted a coffee, so I asked the folks to take me there.

4 I enjoyed my time at Starbucks. Shawne, Cassie and Besh were our team for this afternoon. They wanted more customers! And Cassie really wanted Swiss Chalet. They coaxed Shawne into getting it for them during his break. I would have picked it up for them, but the trip by bus would have taken ages. "cold chicken delivery service!"

5 A few months ago, Jeff found my old f1d0 archives. While I could have copied them one file at a time, that's awful. I normally use the command line FTP to move files around, but that didn't work at Stx at all. I got FileZilla to do the trick. Smooth as silk, easy as file commander, it just copied from right to left, and saved the entire site into my f1d0 folder on the little netbook.

6 Part of the discovery was some lost pictures. It was nice to see them again. It's easy to be a hoarder, when the pictures just take up digital space. Maybe I'll burn them all onto a 4gig DVD for safe keeping.

7 After Stx I went to Eglinton Station. I was hoping to pick A up from work against her wishes. I wanted to see her. But the bus came ten minutes before she got my SMS saying I was around. Fooey. I went to McD and to 7-11 just for something to do. Have I mentioned that 7-11 has a wonderful condiment bar for their awful hot dogs? They do! Full of fresh ingredients. Too bad their assorted hot dogs roll around on the pipes for many hours. Each one of them looks like it has become entirely crisp. They have an interesting idea! Since the hot dogs are crisp, perhaps they should sell a crisp hot dog. They call them 'taquitos' and they roll around next to the weiners.

8 Around midnight the power failed. At first the entire street went black. But then the street nearby got lighting, so I was concerned when I didn't get lit up. I wanted to sleep but the combinations of received text messages and my own worries about melted food and my heat not coming on kept me alert. I felt that sleeping would have been best; it was dark in here after all.

9 I hear sounds. I wish I could speak in the singular, but I am starting to fear that it is not one little mouse, but maybe two or three. Not Good. When I start to venture out today, I'll check out the mid-price ultrasonic devices. I have too much in storage here to simply discard it all in an effort to rid myself of small furry pests. If the lights are on, they're quiet. If they're off, they make as much noise as they can.

10 At 3am or so, the power returned. Buzz was so happy (in case you don't know, he's a small but growing black rabbit). He seemed aware about the lack of light, and then when it came back he was running around here making as much noise as he could, running with "loud shoes on." Not thumping. But just getting my attention.

11 Being alert, I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I watched with WinAmp, but it was so dark. Divx player has a brightness control, but crashes if you try to move it lighter. Fooey. That left me with only Windows Media Player. I do hate it when "the enemy" program works best of all. It worked fine. I turned up the brightness a little, and even the dark scenes were clear.

12 That Terrible Rabbit! He unplugged the power bar! He really wants my attention, and figured out how to get it. Windows does not like getting unplugged just like that, but I've got the settings so there is "no write caching". So if the computer isn't actually doing a 'save' operation, it's probably okay to pull the power. Still, I chased him into his cage, and told him not to do that! We'll see. Bunnies are very smart. Smart enough to ignore such reproof, and do it more often when he's bored or lonely. I didn't yell at him. I just got him into his cage. So there's a good chance he may want to please me too.

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