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091228 excellent contra dance

1 Tonight's dance was led by David Smukler and music was provided by Tunescape. What a nice dance!

2 I was dragging so badly today. I kept trying to talk myself out of everything.

"I don't want to go."
"It is a Tuesday night, nobody will show."
"I should just go to my local Starbucks, hang out."
"It's the new years dance. I shouldn't stay home."
"I need to get outside."
"Maybe I should cook something while it's quiet here."
"What will I bring? Oh no, what will I bring?"
"They don't like street shoes. I'd better find something."
"Look at the time. I've missed my 635pm bus anyway."

3 I don't like being depressed, or feeling down, whatever it is that goes on in my head. When I'm this way, I'm so completely dysfunctional. I can't really make up my mind, except to perhaps do nothing in the end. Going to work is a good tonic when I'm mixed up. I just do what I'm supposed to do because I get into such trouble if I show up late for no apparent reason.

4 Finally I managed getting out the door. I found a bright solid red golf shirt. It looked amazing with the stripes created by the suspenders I always wear. I found my old velcro shoes from last year; they're comfortable like slippers, but have too many holes to be worn outside. I brought oat fudge squares and grain bars. Too bad they broke during transit.

5 When I arrived, the hall was entirely full! They had four contra lines, and many people were sitting out dances.

6 Tunescape has a keyboardist (Jodi), a fiddler (Tim), accordionist (Rachel), strange wonderful stringed instruments and percussion (Peter). I went to their website www.tunescape.org to get their names. I'm sad it didn't name the strange hurdy-gurdy things Peter was playing. Huge violins with a keyboard on them. Or something.

7 Their sound is ideal for contradance. It has a good foundation in traditional music, and yet they've added rhythm and harmonies too. Not too crazy; just crazy enough.

8 David Smukler has a teaching style that doesn't make him stand out like a hollywood movie star. Instead, he comes across as family, like he could be your visiting uncle from Syracuse. He's jovial, but quiet and rather normal in person and behind the microphone too. He teaches and calls only until the crowd seems to get the point, and then lets the music do the work. He led one singing square, which worked well too!

9 When I got home, my arms and legs hurt! The muscles, anyway. I went to bed for a couple of hours. Got up, took some ASA and ibu. I've been up for two hours, and should probably go to bed, as I'll be going to work for the usual closing shift tomorrow.

tell Dave to do this more often