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100124 popeye

1 Wow! I went to the contradance tonight!

2 I have something else on my mind. Popeye.

3 He had this thing. He'd suffer for half of the cartoon, and then would remember that he had to eat a can of spinach.

4 I've tried spinach. I like it. But that is not what I'm writing to you today about. I've rediscovered CARROTS.

5 Years ago I tried out the Gerson Therapy, modified because I didn't feel like getting organic everything. But the important thing to share with you is that it involves a lot of carrots. In the diet, they're organic, they're shredded into juice, and combined with apple juice for enzyme reasons.

6 A few days ago, heading in to work, I went into the Metro (formerly Dominion) supermarket, looking for something lunch worthy. They didn't have what I wanted, but I decided with a 'what the hell' attitude to get a 2 lb bag of regular carrots.

7 At work, during each break, I'd nuke two of them in a ceramic cup with some butter and some seasoned salt.

8 I don't think this is my imagination: some symptoms of depression have lifted. I find myself energetic at the end of the work day, and have had the clarity of mind to deal with moving.

9 It's true. I've decided to move. There is no way the landlord can repair the wrecked drains as long as we are living here. He can't ask us to leave; he's obliged to pay for us to get alternative housing during the repairs. But we can't wash dishes, and whenever someone uses the sink on the 2nd or 3rd floors, it fills our kitchen sink with sour sewage and silt. If we use it, it takes hours for the few ounces of dishwater to subside out of sight.

10 So I'm withholding rent. I'm looking for something close to the subway. Or perhaps tomorrow I'll move a lot of things into a storage unit. That will give us some room to pack the things that remain.

11 All of this came to my mind because I discovered spinach, I mean Carrots. Oh yes, and I'm taking 2 daily Life brand vitamins, and my usual regimen of blood pressure pills.

12 Now I just need to get into going to the gym often. Then I can lose this gut I've grown.

tell Dave to do this more often