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100511 zipcar Carr

1 Now and then I like to rent cars from Zipcar.

2 It is something I do for an occasion. Abegail's birthday is coming up, and so we went out for a while.

3 The cost of admission has been slowly increasing, but it still remains quite a bargain for us, for everyone, provided they travel between midnight and 600am on weekdays.

4 I've always enjoyed travelling around, but it was less enjoyable tonight. I'll get to why soon. In the past, my favourite car, and also the cheapest car, was a Honda Fit. It would drive around painlessly, stop smoothly, accelerate exactly as expected, and had plenty of cargo space, or passenger space.

5 At my first introduction, they had some kind of sponsorship for MADD: the Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Using the Fit with such advertising on it cost $6 and hour, but was half that between midnight and 6. It went up to $7. Now it's $8. And now it's also only available on weekdays (nights).

6 The real problem has to do with how they suddenly, without saying anything about it, removed the Fit from my local lot. Yes, it was my primary choice due to price. So tonight, I rented the Honda Civic. It looks similar enough. But I hit my head going in each time, and it would spring my suspenders free each time as well. Not Good At All.

7 I found myself much further away from the action-- it was like I was 2 or 3 feet further back from the windshield. This feeling went away eventually, but it was a problem for about an hour. I really had to get used to this car!

8 The dashboard was big and bright. The characters were so very legible. The speed-- you could see it with your eyelids closed. And it was a zippy car. It kept trying to speed. I'd try to stay at 70kmh in a 60 zone, and kept finding myself at 80 or 90, without feeling a thing! I was worried about getting stopped quite a bit, but I was fine.

9 Further to speed, I tested out the cruise control. It was reliable, but caused the vehicle to perform a lot like a car in a computer racing game-- very weak steering control under forced "high" speeds. High is in quotes because 60kmh is about 35mph-- it's not very fast.

10 I had trouble finding the button for unlocking the doors. This caused minor panic each time we stopped, because the thing locks the doors at 20kmh, and so the driver must find them if he wishes to leave the car, or wants to let his passenger go.

11 Enough of my problems with Honda Civic.


12 We drove directly to the Woodbine Race Track. That casino is always open, and is so bright and clean, it feels good. As always, I took a $5 for me, and gave Abegail one as well. And as always, she won something, and I lost mine a bit at a time.

13 We usually go out to eat during our night ride, but not tonight. I've felt bigger than usual, and besides, we had lots of provisions. We took some starbucks leftover tuna things with us.

14 The trip back home was the scenic route. North to Steeles, through any shopping centre that had interesting storefronts. There were so many places run for Pakastani or Indian customers. Lots to see.

15 Time passed quickly. I dropped Abegail back at home, and returned Carr back to Empress Walk (North York Centre). It was to be parked on P2, far left side of the underground lot. I picked it up from there, so getting it back shouldn't have been too bad.

16 It was bad. While Empress Walk had many doorways, none of these would automatically re-lock if I opened them from the inside. I saw no active security people. I heard radios nearby playing music, but nothing close enough for me. I went to a number emergency exits. One required me to trust I could easily get through the next door, and I just wasn't ready for that. Another took me to a locked door that would have been unlocked if I used it. Finally, after six attempts, I found a legitimate emergency exit, which locks after the user gets outside. Yay!

17 Well, I walked home from there, and decided to share my thoughts with you.

tell Dave to do this more often