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100906 frightened, powered bikes stolen

0435 todayI am so agitated, but thought I would preserve tonight's agony with this entry.
1400 yesterdayWent to one of the Starbucks at Yonge and Eglinton Ave East, just to get some caffeine.
1530Finally packed up, and went to The Ex, that is, the Canadian National Exhibition for the last time this year. It was silly to go actually: we had been there a few times already this year. We went opening day, and went for $5 after 5pm another time. But I had purchased two tickets online for $10 each, and it was either use them on Sunday or Monday (or lose it). So we went Sunday.

We know the place so well, and our CNE's directors keep selling off the permanent buildings which make The Ex possible. The old Automotive Building used to have cars on display. Now it belongs to Airstream or someone who has a similar sounding name. They sold another building to Medieval Times, a jousting restaurant. And the flower building was sold to a night club. So all that remains is the food building, which is just a food court; The Better Living Centre is nearly empty, but has the small farm animal display; The Direct Energy building which is a new first-class convention centre; The Colliseum, now called The Ricoh Colliseum, an arena which used to be a sandy horse display place in the middle, with two old two-storey buildings on the east and west sides. I've probably missed something, but you get my point: the directors of the CNE are reducing the once majestic Exhibition to a weak fall fair. The midway is still running, with the bad gambling choices and the expensive rides.

1900Here are some things that were good this year, and have been good in the past. Ice cream sandwiches made with waffles. Barbecued corn on the cob. Massage chairs for rejuvenating tired feet for 25c. I missed the Air Show, but that happens every Labour Day weekend at the Ex. The smoked meat sandwiches for $5.50 at the Montreal Deli. The $1 turon at the Philipine Deli.
Yes, I know my time entries are all mixed up! We went to the Toronto Animal Services office on the CNE grounds, which is housed in a corner of the Horse Building (that's another building which is about to be sold off, and was closed for this year). We went directly to the small animal room and met with about 10 animals who badly need adoption. We got friendly with a lovely small dutch rabbit. It is younger and much smaller than the picture I've enclosed for you. We took it out of it's cage, and it promptly climbed up onto our shoulder, preferring that place. Imagine a parrot. When birds do this, they are suggesting that they are the boss.

The volunteer at the Animal Shelter asked us to spread the word around: there are some inmates that have been stuck there since May. In particular was a couple of sisters. One brown one white, named Chocolate and Snowflake. Snowflake was getting depressed about living at the shelter. There are usually dogs there, and a lot of barking (but for The Ex they have the dogs removed, so there were only cats, rabbits, rats, and a white pigeon). If you, dear reader, happen to live in Greater Toronto, and are looking for a new pet for your home, start at a shelter, perhaps this one downtown in The Ex. The animal you adopt will cost $40, but the city spends $140 or so to have it neutered and cared for by a veterinarian, so it's a bargain really. (rats and pigeons are only $7).

The buildings all close down at 10pm, and we aren't into rides or midway stuff, so we just wandered through it one final time and found our way to the streetcar station.

Did I mention that Labour Day is one of the busiest for the CNE? The buildings were all properly crowded with fairgoers.

2300We weren't ready to return home, so we went to the Starbucks at Bathurst and Bloor, and had stuffed peppers at Ghazale, the local Egyptian restaurant there. After a bit of wandering around, we re-entered the subway system at Spadina. It was getting chilly for her. I guess summer has gone.
0100 todaySo are get back home, finally. We were so tired, but I saw we left the barbecue outside in the middle of the parking lot. We came inside, and I suggested she lie down and rest, and I sat in front of the computer to rest.
0200After an hour of email and watching a movie (Alien Nation) I go outside to get things ready for bed. It is at this moment I saw the doors which conceal the bikes loose, not locked. I call her right away, and tell her that both of our powered Schwinn bicycles have been taken. The locks were cut through. And the bad guys left their own bikes in their place.

Angry and frightened, we call the local police number (not 911) and want advice on what to do. They don't offer us a lot of comfort, but suggest we report the loss at the police station. They could send a car, but they're very busy on Labour Day weekend, and it could be a long wait. We will eventually go report it.

I wanted to keep their bikes as our own, but I'm thinking they will just be back to get them, and will cut through the new locks I put onto their bikes. I've taken them away, hidden them behind one of the neighbours.

0400We are still fuming with anger, and fantasizing about hurting the thugs in some way. But the truth is, they've probably got weapons as well as the professional long handle cutters required for breaking bike locks. So if we are around when they get back, we'll get hurt. It bothers me that they will probably only get $50 for each bike, while they cost us $400 plus tax.

It is during such a fuming fantasy discussion we hear a lot of activity outside. The sound is odd, like they are trying to rip the door off. We watch from inside, and can see the door being pulled. The sound is so terrifying. We are wondering if our bike theives have returned, but there are no sounds of human foot steps. It is probably the three raccoons that live nearby. They are strong, and just hoping to get inside our place for some garbage-treats.

Still, that was intense for us. You feel your heart inside your chest.

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