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100908a Portraits at Forest Hill

1030Late Start. I'm up, but my body doesn't want to be awake. I didn't go down last night, uh, this morning, until 7am.
1100Everyone who was available to show up has RSVPed saying they can't come out. But I've spent a while on the phone with Syn; she wishes me a happy birthday and we talk a while. She's sick.
1130I've misunderstood Jeff. He somehow cleared his schedule so he could rush for lunch with us, and rush to his 2pm appointment. Oh well, we decided we weren't hungry for buffet, and suggested he should join us for dinner instead. He says, 'i just cleared my lunch sched!' I suggested we get together then, for lunch but not heavy lunch. We can have a buffet dinner. We go to Swiss Chalet at Lawrence and Dufferin.
1330He drops us off at the Stx in Forest Hill Village. I've not been to this one since forever. Lots of colourful people here to tell you about.
Standing ManThis gent could sit, but he just prefers standing and reading his newspaper. He's nice and quiet; looks educated. He's reading the New York Times standing next to a table, like he's in a hurry, but he's here over an hour with us.
Man with DogActually, lots of people with dogs are here today. I wish I knew dog breeds better, so I could tell you what kinds I saw.
four teensThey walk in like they own the place, each with a laptop computer (not a netbook like mine). They haven't bought any food nor drink; they each brought a bottle of Nestea in with them. They must do this often, as people are coming in to the lobby to meet them here. All of these kids look good, and look rich. They are like the actors and actresses who played in X-Men.
motorized wheelchairsA few customers have come and gone on these. They take a lot of room, but lobby has a lot of room to handle it too, so it works.
young couplesWe get a lot of this ourselves, at our Bathurst and Sheppard store. I guess Stx is the place to meet when you want to talk to someone new in peace.
Liz DikerShe isn't here in person, but her artwork is here. Her pieces have the Peace symbol as the main theme.
1500We are still here at the Stx. Jeff must be frustrated by his tech call, since he thought it would only take about 10m. It always hurts when you think the job will go fast, and it's a slow as ever.

I'm so groggy. It's nap time, and no place to lie down. Sigh. I'm sipping coffee and green tea apple juice. Still sleepy.

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