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100919 the best dollar stores

I've been dragging my feet about writing. I was uncomfortable sitting, uncomfortable standing, uncomfortable lying down. But during the day I was entirely comfortable walking and shopping.
Cambridge SurplusThis store is next to the river in an interesting way. Yes, I should have taken a picture to show you. It has exactly the same goods as KW Surplus. Food, Army, cookware, books, electronics, clothes, tools - everything except refrigeraated and frozen products. These goods are all a bit old. They were sold in job lots, and found their way here. It is a good store to shop.
DollaramaWe didn't actually go in to one of those this particular weekend, but do know that there are a few of them in town, and all of them are well stocked.
EFADSEverything for a dollar store. While these exist in Toronto, I am sure the stores here in K-W-C are just better. Not just the dollarstore junk, but you can also select from the dollarstore goodstuff. I bought new underwear yesterday. Good quality stuff.
Dollar PowerI've not seen this one before, but the girl working there said that there are others. It looks like a chain, because there is a lot identical signage. This store has 3 price levels. 75c for chocolate bars, 1.00 for what I call 'junk' (party stuff, disposable toys), and 1.25 for the better things (stainless cutlery, tools, art supplies, cosmetics, name brand surplus). This was a big store with lots of interesting things.
Dollar MartI have probably got the name wrong. This store was next to a fish-n-chips place, and had a sign on the window 'we appreciate your business.' In some way, that sign beckoned to us. This store had a very good mix of value and junk, and the lady at the counter seemed to also own it. She was just so kind.
Giant TigerThis is not really a dollar store, but is more like the old BiWay and FW Woolworth. They sell dry goods. We met the store's asst mgr in Galt, and he was proud of his store. He shared the history of Giant Tiger, and comfirmed that stores really do have a hard job staying viable in these rough times.
i forgetThere is another big, big place just west of the Giant Tiger. It was also run by a kind couple. Same kind of goods. J thought it was just a party store because of the way they wrote things onto the glass.
knitted bridgeThat isn't a store at all, but there is a bridge here covered in many assorted knitted things. Blankets, sweaters, scarves. It's soft and beautiful.
next dayI'm writing this during our lunch break the following day. I rather like visiting here! And I found that Galt was just an amazing town full of old buildings, good shopping and very friendly people.

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