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New Hamburg It's the towns that make the big difference, you know. Waterloo region is surrounded by wonderful (some less, some more) towns. You've heard about Galt. New Hamburg is growing, and even though it's not such a big place, it has suburbs.
Cloverleaf A McD and Cloverleaf Farms Outlet are outside town. I hardly need anything. I don't need food, don't need gadgets, just don't need much at all. I buy things when they attract me, but it isn't about need most of the time. I loved Cloverleaf, and wanted to buy so much from them. They're not cheap at all. They are fresh, or they are frozen from fresh. Pickles, sauerkraut, berries, burgers, meatballs, all sorts of pork.
Hotter than Heck What did I buy? Hotter than Heck pepperoni sticks. I didn't name them. I don't mind writing Hell. But they weren't Hell; Hell's hotter. So they're hotter than Heck. Maybe hotter than Hector.
Oak GroveA cheese factory! They make Brick cheese, so I got about $4 of hot pepper brick, and the same of dill Havarti. Very nice stuff. I was surprised by the place. You see Cloverleaf was huge, with so much selection. You go inside, and there is a small window fridge on her side of the counter, and a small sign with prices (per lb). You tell her what you want, she cuts as much (as little) as you like and wraps it for you. I told her I was thinking this might be like a factory thrift store, but they don't have problems like that in this factory. Oak Grove sells what they make, and don't manufacture more than they sell.
Herrle'sHerrle's Country Farm Market isn't new to me. They are in St Agatha, a small place. I went into a corn maze for the first time (a maize maze!). This is primarily a vegetable store. I was happy looking around without buying. If I would have seen those purple plums I wanted on the weekend I would have bought a small supply, but I didn't. They had a few varieties of bi-colour corn. Six kinds of apples. And I looked for a long time at the baked goods. But as I confessed above, I didn't buy anything from them.
RummelhardtI didn't see a sign that said that. It's the corner of Erb and Erbsville. It's just outside Waterloo. It has a new Stx, and I thought this was the one our store's mgr helped get started (but I'm wrong: he opened the store inside Wilfred Laurier University). It has so many big stores! It's getting ready for Waterloo to move and turn the empty fields into bustling new subdivisions.
three townsBaden, Luxembourg, Petersburg. Small, nice, very tiny business districts. I saw a library or two!
MandarinWe went home to care for the animal friends. They were good. Tomas and Syndi thanked us by taking us to the local Mandarin. It's a very well stocked Mandarin! The roast beef wasn't perfect, but I give it a B+ score. They had all kinds of shrimp, of which I sampled many. I didn't eat too much fried foods, as my experience has been a terrible toxic sleep I'm unable to fight. J and I and had a wonderful 4-day holiday there, being both tourists, and returning to a place that was familiar at each day's end.

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