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101206 borrowing ti gar

Ti Gar is a catTi Gar is Riça's cat. It stands for Petit Garçon. It's funny: he's not so little.
6 amI get a phone call and two panic SMS from work, because someone is sick, and they want me to come in please, please, please! I usually go to sleep for the night at 4am, so I am not pleased by such calls, and rarely answer. But I am also awake as I need to pee every few hours, so I do check.

I made plans the night before. If Jeff wanted to get together with me, then we would go together to pick up Ti Gar. And if he wasn't coming then I would do it another way, probably on transit. Oddly, Jeff had been very quiet on FB and SMS this weekend, so it was unlikely we would connect.

10 amAnother few messages with more begging.
1 pmOnce the 1 o'clock alarm goes off, I'm not so upset about answering or returning a call. I got so many! Two separate appeals from work. One from my folks, one from Nathan, one from Abegail, and some calls I made! My phone was getting warm. I told the friends at work I had plans, but didn't feel ready to tell them the reason was because my home had become a hotel for a few mice now that the weather was cold outside, with deep snow.
My PlanTo borrow a cat. Now my parents have a very friendly feral female outside their front door. I saw it yesterday. I reaches up as high as it can on two legs, or jumps, just go get you to cuddle it. I thought borrowing this one would be great: it gets a few weeks indoors, food and of course, catches my mice. My folks won't let me, saying it is cruel to take the cat and give it care, only to return it to the cold snow again once the contract is over.
Chat with RiçaYesterday when I mentioned the mouse problem to Riça she offered her sweet cat! Yay, there was hope again.
DrivingThe ride from here to there isn't so bad, really. My folks kept warning me how much they dislike travel at night, even when it starts at 4pm. Their car echoed its concern when it had trouble starting. Eep! My folks might have to take TTC home. They really dislike it, and don't walk very well (as in from the bus stop to their door).

But the trip was so straight forward. South along Bayview to River Street. Life doesn't get easier than that. We met Riça at the car, and she gave me last minute tips about what to do and how to proceed. And we drove back home again.

me feeling downMaybe because of the persistent calls from work, or perhaps because they started so early this morning, I was feeling that exhausted malaise tired out feeling I associate with depression. So I forced myself to set up Ti Gar, and collapsed for a while. The phone rang a few times, but I was able to rest and recover.
cat feeling downAfter I woke up, I saw that Ti Gar just wanted to stay in his carrier. No food, no water, no litter for him. Just stay quietly inside his space. He wasn't rude to me: he didn't bite or growl. The opposite, he offered his head for a cuddle, but just stayed quietly inside. I offered him some tuna from a sandwich, and some steak I made later. They remain untouched, as does the cat food I put it on.
cat improvesI guess seven hours after arriving, I notice the furry one lying down outside his carrier. I approach him, and he runs, with a look like he's gotten in trouble. Later I find him resting on Abegail's side of the bed. Again, I pet him (almost) and off he goes. But he soon makes it clear that he likes legs and feet. He starts brushing past my ankles and takes the long way around my feet. So I kick of the sandals I wear around the house and rub him down. He purrs so very loud! And now he's addicted to it. He doesn't like it when I start to put my shoes back on.
BBQ steak againI had strip loin steak yesterday. Tender and wonderful, and prepared using Jeff's old electric grill outside. I used it today on different meat. I got some "rib eye" from an Asian market a month ago, and I doubt I will find meat more tough! I sliced it into a steak when it was first brought home, and I had to cook it in sauce, and it required a few days of cooking to become soft enough to chew at all. I was not to be deterred. I soaked this meat in Italian dressing, turning the pieces every half hour. It wasn't strip loin, but I didn't have to cook it for 8 hours simmer.
cold outside cold insideMy meat got cold as I'm eating it! There must be some kind of draft coming from the air conditioner. It's odd because we stuffed it full of cubes of poly foam. It's still cold here, and my meat would get cold before I got through even a quarter of it. Using the barbecue grill inside was cool: I would just plug it in again to warm up the cold pieces later on.
cat pic
I'm fadingThe story isn't finished, but I am: I'm falling asleep at the switch as I write to you. So it is done for now. As always, forgive my poor spelling, bad grammar or other simple mistakes. I just want to get this published rather than proof read it tonight.

Feel free to tell Dave this looks odd. Use his gmail address.