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110626 Legendary Customer Service

I would like to draw your attention to some of the absolute worst customer service. We stopped at Baskin Robbins, at York Mills Rd and Bayview.

I've always found it hard to get the best value at Baskin because their ice cream seems to cost so very much. I have great visits at Greg's at Spadina and Bloor.

I was asking them how much it costs for a 3-scoop dish. The sign says 3-scoop sundae is 6.09 but is mute on the price for 3-scoop ice cream. So I'm asking, and the replies I keep getting back is "what flavours sir" instead of how much this could cost me. What is more, they're talking about me in Tagalog (the Phillipino language) as I order, between each other. I am with Abegail, and still, these servers continue their rude behaviour, not even dropping their voice to a stage whisper.

In their secret language they ask why I'm so concerned about money, what kind of a girl is doing with two guys, and why I am so fat and old. Oh, and finally, "I think she understands us."

My Tagalog is weak, but I hear and remember isolated words. Taba, Lalake, Baboy, Matanda, Dalawang, Kasal...

I don't get the price until I'm fully served, 3 scoops: Chocolate, Rocky Road and Citrus Twist.

Now they're arguing amongst each other. The first price is 7.40 (with tax), and I see this isn't related to 6.09 (plus tax). A supervisor among them (also speaking in Tongues) adjudicates and insists the price is 8.01 - and they're asking each other (in Tagalog) why I'm complaining that the price is wrong, it's so little difference.

Finally, they start talking to me, and insist that the scoops used for making sundaes are smaller in size than the doublesize scoops used for my dish.

Abegail and I share (Jeff bought his own single scoop of something). But I continue irritated. The menu board with prices didn't match, and I got no help with the price from them until the moment of delivery. I might have even chosen what I got preferencially if I knew what I was getting into. Instead, I had only dark thoughts about them while having my ice cream today.

It felt like price switching.

My folks are finally getting high speed internet, and had to deal with this price switching thing. I was there, and so I can report it to you. This story begins two days ago.

NOW Magazine had a full page ad for Tech Savvy, with a great price of 24.99 a month. My mother had enough of the phone getting tied up and the problems of dial-up internet. She really hated how the servers often stop trying to load half way through a difficult display. So she phoned their toll-free number, and after a 35-minute wait, got someone on the phone who told her what had to be done.

She should go to Canada Computers and purchase their DSL modem, which includes a month of free service. He set her up with a username, a password, and said she would have access on June 29th.

Yesterday she went to the store, and picked up the DSL modem. They're so small now! It was supposed to have a DSL-filter in the box (something that prevents the digital noise you hear when using the phone for a conversation).

For a change, I had Saturday instead of Sunday off work. So this morning, I went to her place to see what was wrong, if anything. I thought that even though she would get her service on the date they said, I would see a digital carrier signal on the phone line, and make sure all was well with installation. I didn't see any DSL signal at all.

I called Tech Savvy's number, and chose Technical Support. There were 5 people in the queue ahead of me, and after 10 minutes I got a choice to get a call back instead of draining my cell phone's battery waiting. After a half an hour more, someone calls me back. He is nice, but cannot find Mom's registration information. After a lot of being asked to wait, and a lot of typing on his side, he suggested I contact the store I purchased the unit at, and encourage them to send their Tech Savvy information in so they could help us out.

Canada Computers doesn't put a phone number onto their receipts! I didn't like that at all. But my cell phone has internet and eventually I got their number and called them up. I recapped the story so far for the man, and he had to put me on hold a few times to research things on his side. He returns after a meeting with the store's manager and tells me they don't get involved in the registration process at all. I whine that my mother got a user name and password from someone! At that instant, I learn from both the clerk and Mom that it was Tech Savvy who provided the login information, not Canada Computers. I thank the man, and wonder about the 40 minutes I just spent on that call.

I called Tech Savvy again, this time choosing Customer Service (not Tech Support). You, dear reader, already know it was about 45 minutes before I got a human on the phone. I quickly recapped the details you are reading, and she advises me that she is unable to help, that I need someone in Sales. She hears me gasp, and offers that she can transfer my call. I say it's the long wait, not the dialling that bothers me. She clicks on her terminal, and reports there is nobody in the queue ahead of me. So I get transferred to Sales.

The on-hold robot confirms that I will be next, but the wait is about 25 minutes just the same. The girl answers, and intruduces herself as 'Annette.' I calmly share the results of the service phone calls so far.

She is most helpful. She takes my word for what has happened, and asks me for the serial number of the DSL box, and since nobody else has claimed the serial number, she can see that we don't have a registration on her network yet, no matter what other's have previously said to us.

She takes our name, address and wired phone number. After typing it in, she says the date of installation will be July 4th, and that there won't be anyone actually visiting the premises. She tells us the first month is free as we bought the modem ourselves, and subsequent months will cost 31.99 - and I interrupt the clerk. "My mother chose this service because of the full page ad in NOW Magazine, showing a price of 24.99," and I am put on hold again for about ten minutes to find out if they are still offering the promotion. She returns, and says that it is a slower service, running at 640K instead of full speed. "Is that going to be satisfactory?" Mom nods, as they're not using this service for downloads or online entertainment.

Annette warns us the next part of the phone call will take some time, as she will be reading a legal agreement to us, and afterwards, we must answer three questions in the affirmative to complete the registration process. The reading is fast, but not so fast that you don't understand what you are about to sign up for. They charge a small fee for early disconnection, a large fee for dishonoured cheques. They won't disconnect for technical issues before they're given a chance to resolve them. We are responsible to prepay each month prior to service, but no money is required from us for the first month because of our purchasing the DSL device ourselves. (I'm trying to remember the other details for you, but memory is failing)

I set my cell to Speakerphone so I wouldn't have to repeat all of the terms of the agreement with my parents. Mom answered the questions properly, and we knew we were done when Annette asked, "is there anything else I can help you with today?"

I wonder why Tech Savvy bother with the bait-and-switch pricing? And now in retrospect, I can see why the wait times are so long, but still I'm wondering how any non-technical person can cope with this.

Gawd. Has facebook really taken over the personal web log? It's scary.