F 1 D 0 -- 2001 11 20 at 00 18


I had a meeting today with a legal firm, who
wants to automate, not simply computerize.

They're in the collection business. But since
they're not just hunters, they can proceed
with all forms of collection.

They need a way to go from new account to
action to whatever other steps are used.

They also want to keep track of the money
information: original amount, charges, interest,
total amount (as of today).  Interest. There's
a biggie.  Mortgages are done differently in
Canada than in USA, but this firm handles both.
They also vary between leases, vehicles, 
furniture, and personal loans, and credit cards.

All in all, this is a big project.

So it was not a surprise that they had three
senior partners and one technical personal
to interview me.

The meeting went well.

I have a pass for movies, but wouldn't you know
it-- such passes are not good for popular titles.

I'll use it. I just have to figure out how.

I have a mind to see Bread and Tulips, in 
Italian with English subtitles. That's the
story of a wife who is accidentally left
behind at a gas station, and finds adventure
doing hitchhiking around Europe.

Yesterday I attempted to use the pass to see Harry
Potter. No, sir.  No passes for this event.  I'll
go on Tuesday, when such movies are significantly

I found my way to the gym.  They need an attitude
adjustment. They've decided that they charge for
certain aerobic classes. Which ones? Oh, most of 
them.  Just recently added to the list was Boot
Camp, a previously included class.  

Also, they're moving the good instructors to only
surcharge classes, and putting low-end teachers for
the included classes. This is evil.

Today? They had three pay classes, and only one
included class.  That started at 430pm. The others
were 530, 630, and 730.

I stomped out of there.

To the internet cafe. The one I use has a name
like Internet Magic Plaza.  Maybe it means more
than the obvious when translated into Korean.

They have become popular.  In this one Korean
people go in to play their favourite interactive
games against friends in the same room, and enemies
around the world. You hear the groans of Quake.
And the music from other games. Voices saying,
"I cannot carry any more."

I go in to read email and perhaps chat while
the friends I seek are still awake. Even now,
I'm doing this at 0040am, and most of you are
down for the night. I should be too.

I didn't stay long. Just long enough to see if
anyone was around. 

Mark was.  We chatted about seeing a friend of
his later this week. They live about an hour
north of Toronto and it will be good getting
a ride in his car.  

I went from there to Patrick's Irish Dance. It is
held at 823 Manning Avenue on Mondays, at 730pm.

His credo is "less is more."  So at other dances,
the leader is always shouting, always calling, 
always projecting in loud voice.  Pat talks softly.

The routine is he shouts for us to form sets. In
Irish, they're like square dance sets, with four
couples.  Then he'll approach anyone interested
in the set, and provide a "Talk Through".  

That is a very fast summary of what the moves are
for the dance which follows.  It takes a while to
get the hang of the fast soft presentation, but I
love it.  I am forced to pay attention, and to 
learn it.  Usually, one or two of us hear it and
remember, and the group of us work to remember the
whole thing, as we have to work together as a set
to make it work right, and stay with the music.

Oh, we can cheat. We can peek over at another set,
and see what they're doing.  That works.

So Irish was very good tonight.  I started out
cold, and ineffective, but in the end, I was
strong and bubbly.  It is something I like to pass
on to others there, so I was a happy camper.

Normally, after a good dance, I'm so full of 
hyper, I have to play on the piano to just
mellow out. The music runs in my head, and 
often it is original. Not tonight.  Tonight 
I just remember tunes I'd heard ages ago, and
was able to play them.  

The dance is so close to the iCafe, I normally
go there for an hour after dance, but I've got
a meeting in the morning I want to attend. So
I came directly home.

That got me here for 1130pm.  I usually get
involved in late night supper, and so I'm
warming up some rigatoni with my eggplant
sauce.  It should be good. I use the rice
maker, as it shuts off when the fluid is all
cooked away.

Oh, be sure if you buy a rice maker to get
the kind which is non stick. Also, there
is a benefit to having two switches: one
for cooking, another for the reheating.

And now I am here, trying to recount my day.

Of course, I should be preparing the cards
or brochures I'll need in a few hours. I'll
get to that soon.

That's all I know.