F 1 D 0 -- 2001 11 20 at 10 00


I'd intended to get up very early. Around 5am
early.  I was going to head off to a business
meeting with BNI Canada. 

They're a group of business people, all independant,
who want to promote themselves.

That's nice. But the meeting started at 7am,
and ended at 8am.  We would all exchange business
cards and try to do business with one another.

To join, the cost is 450.00 or so.  And the
cost of the meal itself.  

This time they met in the Ontario Club. A very
fancy place.  I like the idea of going there,
just so I can see it.

There is a reception desk where people can get
a cigar as they go in.  The washrooms have a
complete lounge.  A the club part of the club
is just more lounge.  People seem to be expected
to change from their work suit, into a different
one, special for smoking and relaxing.

Well, I missed this.

I was awake making the business cards I'd need
to make it work until 330am, and they came out
well.  Ok, the first few sheets REALLY jammed
the printer. REALLY REALLY. It was awful hearing
it scream in pain.

And I'm very cheap about the spraying of ink

I will try to attend this thing next week. I will
go to sleep early, instead of manufacturing just
prior to the event.

As I remember, this is also what happened last time
I wanted to go to a meeting like this. I had nothing
to give, so I worked at printing things.  

But I was so tired for the meeting when I finally
got to it I decided not to go. Sound familiar?

But I went to the meeting a week later. Lo and
behold, another computer expert was there, and
he'd just signed up.  So now I was excluded from
the club.  And wouldn't you know it, this was the
only lunch time club. All the rest are morning
meetings.   Sigh.

I just got a call from a friend who used to live
in Boston, but is now near Washington.  He and
his fiancee have settled in.  That's a good thing.

He was a student in veterinary science and immunology
for years and years, and I met him when he was studying
at the Harvard School of Public Health.  I'll find out
what he's doing now, and let you know.

But for this phone call, he had computer
trouble, and needed some advice. Or at
least, someone who would listen.

It was nice to hear from him!

That's all I know.