F 1 D 0 -- 2001 11 24 at 16 15

So it is 415pm and I just told everyone
I was leaving. I am still here, and I am
still writing on the computer.

I'm fully dressed. Today I am wearing a
blue sweatshirt over a black tshirt. Over
that I have black nylon jacket I use for
everything, especially its pockets.

Last night I was so tired.

But it was good. I could have eaten a 
small elephant, but sufficed with half
a platter of ethiopian meat over indura.

Ari and Nathan were with me. Ari had so
much to say, Nathan was almost mute, and
me? I was taking it all in.

Ari wanted me to understand that there
really is very little to making money
this way.

1. buy low.
2. sell high.
3. never forget commissions.

Makes sense, right? Well, people
panic, watching the moves of others.
This makes people break their own

4. watch trends.

A trend has at least two points.

He suggests watch the downward
trend of the upper peak numbers, and
the upward trend of lower peak numbers.

This doesn't guarantee anything,
but gives you a chance to follow

5. remember life 

In his case, he thinks life is a 
fibbonacci sequence.  And that most
things happen according to such
a bell curve.  .6 or something like

He also thinks of life according to
Gann, someone who applied a change
to the original fib sequence:

Orig: 0 1 2 3 5 8
Mod:  0 1 3 4 7 11 

Someone figured out that this means
upward trends have 5 straight lines
before they go downward.  And downward
trends have 5 straight lines before
they will turn back up.

6. remember people

Don't trade during lunch, nor on
holidays.  Start around 930am, stop
around 1130am.  During those two
hours, take no breaks.

7. shoot for small gains daily.

2.5% risk max per trade
5% risk max per day

Making a few hundred dollars a
day (net, after commissions) is 
the goal here. 

I'd love to convey more, but I'm
late. I want to get the cider we
use at the contradance. I'm the
floor manager.  That means I'm
responsible for taking money, or
finding volunteers to do that.

I figure it is my turn.

That's all I know.