F 1 D 0 -- 2001 11 26 at 02 50

Where do I begin?

Backwards I suppose. My room mates here
consider television and ramen totally
living.  They have adopted my television
upstairs so that I cannot watch it, ever,
without telling someone to go away.

This is hard for me, because watching is
not a priority, but I like to watch my way.
What way is that?

I like to watch the next 30-45 minutes
of the movie I left off.  I don't watch
broadcast television, since I loathe
the way it keeps going when I have run
out of watching time.  And I don't want
it pressuring me in that way.

Today, all around here were delighted by
Superstation.  It looks American. But like
so many good things from USA, the Canadian
CRTC (Cdn Radio Television Commission) have 
a system where they install CANADIAN 
ads over the US ones.  So most of the
ads during each break are for the network
itself.  Rogers Cable.

Most ads from Rogers go like this: please
update your computers! We are changing our
service from At Home (@home) to Rogers dot
com.  And if you can do this before November
30th, we'll enter you into a draw to win
something big!  Do it now.

Well, I've been getting calls for computer
updates each day. Such changes are not 
trivial. They still don't have a functional
news server.  Also, my friend Bryan (the one
who provides me with Samurai email) tells me
they'll be adding stuff so that you cannot
send mail except Rogers mail.  Gawd, I hate

I used to use POPSEND, which is another standard
for sending mail. An unofficial one. But Bryan
has taken Popsend off of Samurai, and so I've
been sending through SMTP using @home's server.
Now I see it will only be time before it fails.

Oh, I suppose I should explain the awful codes
I just used.  SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer
Protocol, but that's not what it means. It is how
most personal computers send their email to the
nearest server at the Service Provider.

POP3 is another mail protocol, which stands for
Post Office Protocol.  More nonsense, huh?  But
this is primarily for receiving messages.  It
was Qualcomm, the people who made Eudora, and
also some Cel Phones, who added an Extended command
for Sending mail!  What makes POP3 special is the

You see, SMTP doesn't use passwords. Or anything.
It just looks to see if you are calling it from
inside the network that it is on.  Yes?  Ok, it
takes your mail.  Rogers added another test: does
the sender call themselves ____@rogers.com? Yes,
send it.  No, then reject it.

POP3 is used to retrieve your messages, so it
has to know who you are, and your password. Adding
an extra command for sending seemed so reasonable
to me, but nobody else I know thinks so.

Bryan is adding some kind of Password Authorized
SMTP thing to Samurai.  I'll tell you what I learn.

I suppose I hate television for all of the
awful ads. I remember most of them. Even if
I dislike them, I also remember them.

Advertisers and Marketers must love people like me.
I show up in their Neilson ratings as an ideal human.

But companies don't love me. I rarely buy on the
basis of an advertisement. Hey, I've not even
upgraded my computer from @home to Rogers.  Why
should I? All of the customers and friends who have
done this are already experiencing mild to moderate

So me? I'll wait until my computer freezes over.
I know it will. Someone will unplug the server
@home and then nothing will work right. THEN I
will convert over.

I'm waiting for the Christmas ads to start. I've
not seen many yet.

I'm thinking this: why should anyone want to decorate
or buy Christmas things? If I'm buying stuff for the
season, I just want to buy NICE things. Pretty things.
Good things.  Things which will be timeless, and in
particular, welcome in my home after the holidays.

I wonder why stores get so much holiday junk. They
just have to reduce it at the end of the season.
THAT is when I'll buy it.  I don't mind paying less.


This is the URL where I'm trying to learn the Irish
dances we do on Mondays, Wednesday, and many Friday
nights.  If you choose to print, be sure to reduce the
font size if you don't want to go through too much 

I've printed out the Clare Lancers and the
Cashel sets.  Now I just want to re-write 
them onto note cards, and have these safely
in a pocket so I can read them just prior to
dancing. Maybe then I'll have it in my head.

I came home from Kevin's Place. He's our
leader for Eastern Euro band practice. We're
getting so very good at this. Many are not
really musicians, and so seeing the progress
is excellent.

Some may argue that I'm not a musician, but I
think I am.  I've been doing this for many 
years, and I'm good with my ear, and read well
too.  I'm just a muddy player: so I make lots
of rough sounds during a first and second (and
many subsequent) readings.

This dance is such a stretch for me. The music
is from Rumania, Poland, Greece, Macedonia,
Turkey, and other crazy lands. The music only
underscores this crazed genius.  The timing and
music break rules.

This makes a nice interesting sound for the 
circle dancers.  The stuff is so lively, 
it just makes you want to move to the sound.

Afterwards, we all consume snack foods.  This is
where we do the traditional bonding between us all.
I like it.  I stayed late with Bill, Walter and
Kevin where we made fun of sports people.

You see, none of us really know where the game
is tonight, who is playing, what they're playing,
and most importantly, who is winning now.

But what do four tired musical gents talk
about after the women go home?  Not too much.
It was easier when they were with us.

I managed leaving my recorder there, as well
as my fiddle.  The recorder was forgotten, but
the fiddle was left intentionally.

I usually buy some groceries at the Fiesta
Farms as I go to Kevin's.  I only spent 35.00
but got four heavy bags os stuff, including
two fresh bags of sugar. We'll see how long
they use it!

I got sliced meat, sliced cheese, sliced
mushrooms, and an avocado. I've been craving
sliced avocado on something for so long.

Like so many Italian supermarkets, this one
is busy. It is also entirely well stocked with
fresh vegetation.  This is not to be understated.
I love that! Knowing the fruits will not be
rotten in the core.  

Prior to going shopping I spent an hour
at Internet Plaza, just a couple of blocks
away.  As long as I'm not near home, I may
as well see if anyone has written to me.

I didn't get much, so I browsed just a bit
before getting Kevin's call saying we had
a practice!  

Christine decided to visit her mom Judy tonight.
Christine works in Richmond Hill, near Major
McKenzie drive. Trust me, this is far north.

She started the day at 6am, so she was driving
at 5am.  That is her worst time for driving. 
She has to fight to keep her eyes open, and not
experience any drift.

I asked around the house to see if anyone
knew where my small 9 inch slicer with a
rosewood handle is. It is a serrated knife,
and has been with me since I lived in 
Massachusetts. Well, Mike found it. Yay!

Now I still want to see my cheese 
mill, and three small Ikea bowls I have.
I'll keep you posted.

I must be tired. I cannot remember what I was
doing prior to this.

That's all I know.