F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 02 at 16 30

New Colours. 

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back if it was better that way.
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I've been trying to have me some fun.
So far so good.

I spent the weekend at Sanderson Taylor.
Literally!  I camped there, so I didn't
waste time with 2h transportation back
and forth.  I'm here to get a shower and
find my way back there again.

Oh, I love that part of Toronto. It is on
Queen Street West. Now I am not a big fan
of all the kids who want to go to the club
dances, but I like seeing the crowds, none
the less.   About a block away, in the southerly
direction, there are about a dozen expensive
places to drink and make believe you can dance.

They also lure men. That is their sin.

The women get in for free, or if not free,
very easily.  The men must wait in line for
ages, where, after a big door fee, they can
listen to loud recorded music.

But the sin? They are all but promised free
sex.  So the women are there for something
social to do, but all too many of the boys
there are hoping to find true lust.

Well, there are a shortage of loose pickups,
and when men and boys are drunk, they fight
over them.

Just to the west of this area is Spadina and
Queen.  This is the north end of fashion district.
Fashion as in Design!  So if we proceeded south
a few blocks to King, there are a zillion cafes
which cater to the folks who use artwork and
fabric to design interesting things. 

Just north of this is the south end of Chinatown.
Within a block, you can see the signs.  No more
people dressed with over permed over coloured
hair.  Many people, couples and children, all
loaded down with groceries.  Serious crowds
all shopping for fresh food.

I found my way into a BBQ house, where I got
the smallest piece of Barbecued Pork they had.
It was perfect. They chop it up and ladle 
honey sauce on it.

Across the street was Co Yen, a Saigon Sandwich
place, where for a dollar you get something wonderful.
Coriander, homemade pate, homemade turine, 
homecured ham.  Just one 'slice' of each. For a dollar.
For 50c more, you can have a bit more.  And for 1.00
more you can get pretty much what you want.

For the vegetarians, the sandwich is entirely
different.  I'm not certain WHAT is in it. I've
had it.  I've enjoyed it. But that doesn't 
equip me to tell you.

What else?

I love Active Surplus. That's an older store
on Queen Street near Spadina.  I'm sure they've
been offered zillions of dollars to sell out to
Gap or Nine West or any of the other big names
in clothing.  But they remain.

So does Steve's Music.  They too have been there
a long time.  I went in and drooled over the 
Roland XX-700 (I forget the letters).  It had
the feel of a grand piano, and the most perfect
sounds.  Now, I rather like synthesizers. As a
rule, they have 500 sounds, and 30 nice sounds.
This one? It had 500 sounds, and 450 nice ones.
Yes!  And all it would cost me is my soul. What
a deal! What a deal!

I've been craving barbecued chicken, but that
doesn't seem to be a chinatown treat. The store
was just too far away. There is a 24 hour Dominion,
but I'd have to get there while the BBQ section
is alive. 

Not to worry. I've taken a roast out of the

I'm off to band practice. Then I'll head
back to Sanderson Taylor to finish the
installation I'm doing.  I love that work.
It takes a while to set up, but I am so happy
doing it.

I just got a call from Ari, who was at his
customer's place. It seems that Roger's cable
has a program which does autoconfiguration. That
made the browser do a lot of things. You connect,
it opens up MSIE, Outlook, and a host of other
programs.  Not Good.  He called asking about how
to prevent the scripting.  So now the computer
doesn't automatically do anything.  

Don't the people who do marketing know how 
angry popup screens are? Especially cascading
ones?  I won't pay for services which are 
advertised this way.  

Right now on Talk City, they have some interesting
gorilla called Bonzi Buddy. This is a talking
animation, which is always asking you to spend
money and upgrade him.  How do I know? I have a
customer, also near to Queen Street West, who 
used to love him. Now she has his voice turned
off.  It just sits in the corner and pouts. Oh.
And it makes cartoonstyle balloon words.

I don't have proof, but I hear that Bonzi is
spyware.  It watches your activity, and uses
the choices you make to help pick appropriate
email for you to receive.  What a treat! So
I cannot say if it does this for certain, but
I don't like the idea of a spy cartoon.

I like to shower just before I leave the
house. I'm fresh for the maximum period of
time when I do things that way.  

If you look at the Hora Mare, it is rather
characteristic of the music we practice on
Sundays at Kevin's place.  A bit strange, a
bit haunting. Always a challenge.

If you cannot imagine the music by looking, 
download ABC2MUS, which will play it for you.

That's all I know.