F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 04 at 02 45

Committed to New Colours. 

I asked and you answered. This is the new
colour scheme.

I'll play with the colours of links when I
am bored next.

I'm a tired boy.

I went to bed rather late, and got up just
in time for the afternoon's appointment.

At S+T, the they are now mostly happy.

They've got a new system for Kim, which
I think is all configured correctly.

They've got Kim's old system awaiting
someone new.

Paul I's new computer is mostly set up.
He's got a problem with email, but I
think this can be cleaned up soon.

Reception's computer needed help with a
modem, and the new modem connects without
a hitch.  

I left their office Monday morning at 7am
or so, after meeting up with Chris. He's 
never needed my computer help.  

Now there is a man who works hard for the
company.  Chris Taylor is the one in 
Sanderson Taylor.  He arrives just around 
6am, and stays late often.  How late? 
I'm usually there until 10pm when I'm
doing computer work. That is his routine
time to go home.   Long days.  But the
firm loves him.

Dianne is an accountant there, and she
needed me for her home system.  She has
good habits for email.  I found a bunch
of virii on her computer. Bad ones.

But they were all in her attachment directory,
and nowhere else.  She'd received these
puppies, but didn't let them out.  She 
really didn't have any problems, but 
wanted my help to make sure of that.

Have you ever seen a Toshiba Protegé?
It is a notebook. Is it *ever* thin. A
very sexy small computer. This one had
a PCMCIA flash hard disk. I'd never seen
one before.  4g of hard drive, which doesn't
make a sound. 

Dianne wanted me to figure out how to 
transfer Word Perfect onto the laptop.
Well, I had a look. That work wasn't
required. Word Perfect 6.1 for windows 
was there already.  Wow!  

We did some training. Laptop computers
like to be kept charged. If not, they
don't hold their charges well after that.
So that reminds me I'd better charge up
my unused laptop here.

We finished in enough time for me to 
get a coffee with Ari.

I had called him during the visit
because Dianne's friend suggested
that Nortel might be a good investment
right now.  Ari confirmed that, with
the following provisos:

1. don't buy it and expect to hold it
forever. Hold it until it is time to sell.

2. take a small course in investing. Don't
do with without some background

3. use that knowledge to pick an investment
firm. In Canada, as much as he dislikes them,
the number one firm is TD Waterhouse. He notes
that in USA, they often only charge 8.00 for
a trade - here in Canada they charge 30.00 for
the same trade. 

4. have the funds to invest in 100 shares? That
makes it possible to do extra things, such as
buying and selling options. This is like renting
out your shares.

5. use that course you took to watch the
trends Daily. Don't let a stranger watch
your money.  You don't have to panic daily,
but watch it, and use the strategies you
planned at the outset for when it is time
to sell.  Ari suggests making 200.00 a day,
rather than hoping to make 10,000.00 suddenly.

We talked about more but he likes investing,
and sometimes I have trouble taking it all
in.  You know, me telling you about how to
invest in the stock market is like getting
good meat recipes from a confirmed vegetarian.

Oh, I'm supposed to check on the vegevore site.
That is my friend Bill Livingstone.  I keep 
forgetting. Maybe tomorrow.

This picture has a mini story. I just wanted
a picture of my new watch. I think I got it
from dad that day, about 2000 June 10 or so.

I wanted a picture of it. We were at a Starbucks.

So I put it down onto the counter, and whip
out the digital camera.  Right away, the staff
start trying to tell me that I cannot do that.

I was not taking a picture of their precious
store. I wanted my watch. Well, you can see
I did get some of their precious Tiazzi ad-
they call it something else now.

That's all I know.