F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 06 at 04 00

I forgot the dog outside.

It has been a long time since I've had to 
care for a pet.  Shania is a white American
Eskimo.  She's been a very needy dog since
her owners have moved away.  They insist
that she'll get picked up and taken to her
new place Friday or Saturday.  But Shania
doesn't really understand all of that.

She feels like her folks have left her

So when I come home, she's so excited
to see me, she won't settle down. Very
happy little white dog.

Then she follows me around everywhere.

She really dislikes the IAMS - the
veterinary dog food. It is supposed
to be very good for her.  Well, a 
serving of 8-10 ounces of dry food
lasts this dog all week. It truly 
hates this stuff.

I've taken up making the dog a 
couple of chicken wieners at night.
Warming them up is no big deal, and
she thinks I'm the greatest. I can
tell from the knowing look in her

Well, after all of this, she wanted
me to let her out. Not a problem. 

Then Law and Order came on A&E. I
was watching, and only realized when
someone came home that I'd forgotten
Shania outside, and she was running
around the street, asking to get run
over. Gawd. All my fault.

I've not been chatting much on Talk
City, but I dropped in there tonight.
Someone I used to chat with has been
unhappy. Her sister fell into a coma
on November 14th, and continues in that
condition.  What do you say? What kind
of words do I offer this one? Everything
I try to rehearse sounds hollow and empty.

I suggest that she should try to do
something active again. She is, or
at least, used to be an aerobic instructor.
So she should try to be active, before
all of the stress takes its toll, and
she becomes ill.

Too late, sez she.  Already suffering
from stress. Hardly eating, not doing
well at work, all of her holiday time
used up on this.

I went to Oak Ridges today.

I was helping an interesting couple
with their computer problems. 

Mrs George had purchased a new HP 
scanner, and wanted my help installing
the software. That was all so straight
forward. Too bad it was not satisfactory.

First the time involved. This is a 
Pentium II, with 16m ram, so it should
be fast enough, right? Well, no.  It
was extra slow doing the graphical
software loads.  Scanning was even
worse. "I want the scans to look good
printed", she tells me.  

I learned something. I found out that
a postcard, scanned at 600 dots per inch
uses up 41 megabytes.  I found also that
since this computer only has 16m of ram,
that such a decision brings the computer
onto its knees, begging me for mercy.

Oh, it worked. But not well.

When you look at a postcard picture,
what do you see? A picture. When a
scanner looks at a postcard picture,
what does IT see? It sees a zillion
individual little dots, and makes 
sure it reproduces each and every one.
And when printed, it recovers the dots,
the lines, and all of the mathematical
after effects.  Not a moire pattern,
but it is still so curious.

Eventually, we decided that this scanner
was going to get returned to the store.

I proceeded downstairs to help Mr George.

All he thought he wanted from me was to show
how to clean up all of the files that windows
saves, like it or not.

I felt we should to the anti virus thing
first.  Just as well. Lots of virus trouble.
The magistrate virus was all over.

As it is running, I can see the computer 
taking all of its time in a directory 
called CONTENT.IE5 - ah, the hidden
place where Internet Explorer keeps each
advertisement it has looked at.

We take the computer to MSDOS mode,

After that, I recreate it with MD CONTENT.IE5
in case the computer isn't smart enough to
put it back itself.

But something else was damaged along the way.
It would not boot up, and froze. In due course,
I turned off the power.

This computer is a Compaq Presario laptop.

When we turned it on, the computer INSISTED
on reloading the Operating System.  I got no
opportunities to coax it otherwise. Just watched
it stomp all over any documents, and re-install
windows in 6 minutes.  Fast enough, but it
took out all of the personal files.

After four reboots, it finally came back
as a windows station.  All memories of a previous
life had been removed. But it worked.

If you don't like the idea about the system
just deciding it needs to be fixed, you should
find a way to turn off automatic Quick Recover.

Mr George gave me a ride to Sheppard and Yonge.

Something in me wanted to walk. I did. I got
as far as Bayview, less a block.  I should 
have walked much more, as it is so temperate
tonight. It is perfect outside. Fall, or even
spring like. But the winds were awful a while
ago- like the heavy winds in the Wizard of Oz's
start.  Intense bursts of Real Power Wind.

I did some cooking when I finally got home.

I made a pot of Kasha and Rice. 
I roasted a picnic shoulder.
I figured out how to help a lamb stew.

I've not tried the pork yet.
I did like the lamb. I enhanced
the lack of real meat with TVP,
textured vegetable protein.

I was so eager to consume the Kasha
that I fried my tongue. 

Now I have cat's tongue.

That's all I know.