F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 09 banana bread as I made it tonight.

2 ts yeast
1.5 c flour, plus more as needed. See text
2.5 ripe bananas
6 oz leftover strawberry yogurt
1 oz oil
1 tb sugar
1 oz creme fraiche, as needed. See text

For my machine, I put the yeast in first.

Then the flour, then bananas.

I turned the bread machine on.

In a cup, I mixed the yogourt, oil, and 

As soon as it started the kneading cycle, 
I added the yogurt.  This made the dough
far too crumbly.

I drizzeled in the liquid creme fraiche,
until it mixed up well. 

But as soon as this happened, the machine
started successfully pulverizing the bananas.
This made the mixture too liquid now.

So I added, while the machine continued
to knead, a teaspoon of flour at a time.
I'd wait until it was absorbed, then add
another, until it was all really mixed, and
had the consistency of dough, not goo.

At this point I left it alone, 
for it to bake the cycle.

Like other banana breads, it rose a bit
in the middle, but is a dense loaf.

I took mine out of the machine the instant
it was calling me.  

That's all I know.