F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 10 at 04 00

The Voice of Reason.

I met with Samir tonight, and gave him a last
opportunity to settle up with me for 450.00,
and he said he was only prepared to give me
400.00 - so now I'm wondering whether I'm the
crazy one here.

Half of me wants him to pay, the other half
really wants him and his girl to get the hell
out.  I'll keep this short so I can take the
time to write the letters I require for tonight.

Band practice was Amazing. We talked about
a lot of things afterwards, including my
dream about making a 5 string violin. As it
happens, Kevin Budd, a Luthier of Pan Flutes,
had wonderful advice for me. When it comes
to wood, he is so practical.  It is like
a breath of fresh air.

We perform next week for a folk dance at
David Bowman's home. It is a large home,
almost a castle, in King City.  We will
play for about an hour. I wish we could
do more.  But there are other factors, 
including a desire to dance at this event.

Inasmuch as I'm not into circle dances,
that could be an old opinion.  The more
I do them, the more familiar they become
for me.  I may not be able to say this too
much longer.

Laundry is hardly a good thing to put
into a diary, is it?  But I think that
folding warm terry towels is a wonderful
experience.  Not only do they line up
like soldiers when folded, but they're
warm, and somehow appreciate the attention.

I was even able to get my T-shirts into
a parallel stack.  

I defrosted a chicken for eating tonight,
but I wonder why I bother to think about
cooking tons after a practice at Kevin's.
We always have lots to eat, and so I just
had a little craving.

I made a pot of Pearl Barley.  It is a bit
like eating a bowl of nuts.  They crunch
against the tooth, like al dente pasta,
with a vengeance.

Tomorrow I have to do pennance for being
behind on Friday for Sanderson Taylor. I'll
go to the computer store for opening at 10am,
and bring their system back home.

That's all I know.