F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 12 at 13 00

Too Many Last Chances.

My meeting with Anita caused her to get into
a depression so that she's been dysfunctional
for days.  She begged for another opportunity,
and so my deal is she can buy tenancy. 

My meeting with Samir is that he is to pay
me only 400.00 for December, but he will move
away peacefully on the 30th.  And the good
news is he's told others here his intentions
to do so.


I'm giving people too many last chances.

As always, these meetings make me feel
drained, and late.  I'll find something.

I have a friend, Ann, in Thunder Bay who
tells me her dreams sometimes.  These dreams are
vivid, and sometimes have frightening 
meanings, even if I don't claim to understand
what dreams mean.  

It makes me wonder about my dreams.  
Lately, they've been ok, but hard to 
distinguish from reality.  In my most
recent dreams I recall, I was doing 
computer work, dancing, and interracting
with people in the way that I do as it 
is.  The only clue I got that it was a
dream is I had so very much trouble
reading things. I could not read the
signs, I could not read the manuals,
I could not even read the screen.

When I was computing, but not able to
read the screen, it occurred to me, in
the dream, that I was just dreaming. The
dream proceeded normally, but from that
point onward, I didn't take any of the
interractions seriously.

Have you found troubles at home affects
appetite?  Well, I have that problem. I
am very hungry, but unable to focus on
food when things are awry.  

I put on a chicken last night, in spite
of all this.  But I set the timer for 45
minutes, and only now I'm packing some
up for later.  It came out alright.  Waking
to ready chicken is a good thing.

I stuffed this one with Jalapeno peppers.
This gave it mostly a scent, rather than
a taste. But I was eager to see how it 
would be.

Expediency is how I'm dealing with food
most recently. I enjoy cooking, but if I
get home this late, and want to do anything
besides cook,  how can I prioritize?

You, dear reader, never hear me talk about
cleaning. That is a problem for me. It doesn't
get any time allotments.  

Time. Now I'm late, as per usual, for an appointment
this afternoon. But I'll head out, and phone
telling her I'm on my way. She's ready.

But if I was interested in decluttering my
bedroom, when should I do this?  

I subscribe to the Tortech list, hosted
by Bryan.  As a guy with some knowledge
of yiddish, I found the name of one author
most interesting, most curious. Agent Drek.

Drek and Feh are both good Jewish words.

English dance was last night. It was amazing.
We had so many come out.  We had told a few
people that it was the last dance of the year,
so we had the ones who come out for sweets
and chat, not just for dance.

One girl, Hindi, hadn't come out to English.
She heard that it is stately, slow, plodding,
boring, but mostly slow.  Well, that is a rumour
we should put to rest.  Many of the dances 
Christine calls for us are Bouncy, Lively, and
cause some breathlessness.  Uh, Hindi was surprised.

Good Surprised.

Bryan has installed his Live Journal software
into Samurai.  I find it interesting. 

In spite of that, I prefer just being able to
hand code my HTML in my minimalist way.  I once
saw a graphic which said, "This site is best
viewed with LYNX."  That's how I feel about my
site, actually.  I want it to be legible.

So the tags I use at the top just set the
colours, and I use the same title.  

I've chosen "F1D0 not fido" on purpose. Not for
the reasons we would expect from the english 
sense.  If someone does a search for FIDO, I
want to appear in the search, and putting those
words into my title ought to have that effect.
The "not" is for you, dear reader.

I called Primus last night for my customer.
It turns out that they offer two 1.5 megabyte
services.  For 80.00 a month, you get a modem
and four email addresses.  For 225.00 a month,
they throw in a router, four more email addresses,
and a STATIC IP ADDRESS!!  Waay Cooool!

I'm thinking I need coffee.  The meetings of
today, while they've made me late, have helped
me relax a little. I don't have to worry quite
as much as I did 24 hours ago.  It was worry that
kept me from writing you.

I met with Paola yesterday.  I wanted to find out
about her and Keith.  Well, I found out precious
little.  They're doing fine, but I was really
eager to learn if they're going to become a family,
or an anything.  Sorry, readers, nothing to report.

But we did have sushi lunch buffet at Katsu, near 
Pape subway station.  There is much to be 
said about a restaurant which is reliable
each time you bring a guest.  It has not 
let me down so far.

Consider that a recommendation for Katsu.

That's all I know.