F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 14 at 03 00

Awake and Asleep.

There is something special about getting to the
bottom of a problem.  I got to the bottom of my
problem at Guru's and Wizi's today.

He recently purchased a Fujifilm FinePix 2900 zoom,
and this thing uses USB to talk.  Fine. 

It is supposed to work with Win98 and beyond right
out of the box.  Fine.

It doesn't.  Not So Fine.

It ships with a disk for Win ME and Win XP.  Still
no good.

I was not able to find the support for this thing
in North American literature, but they were open
about the problem in www.fujifilm.co.uk - they 
told me what I had to do.  It didn't work.

But the theory was right on the money:

1. remove the old drivers, and their vestiges.
2. install a new USB driver
3. Need one?  Look on the CD.

Well, my CD didn't have the directories or
anything, but I found *something*.  I'd downloaded
it, and extracted it.  When I tried using it
earlier, the computer laughed quietly at me.

But this time, after actually getting the 
drivers off, it was amenable to loading new
ones. I aimed it at the temp directory where
I'd unextracted the files, and it found the 
device: a USB driver for making a drive.

Yah!  In fact, as soon as this finished running,
it saw the camera clearly, and the camera had
about 10 huge jpegs in it.  It gives them boring
numerical names, but they're fine.  You just drag
them out of the folder, into a real directory, and
kapow! You've done it. Much faster than a Twain

I suppose I should move to the future. I'm used
to these small pictures, but this one had big ones.

I'm glad.  It worked, and I made a happy camper.

Now I wanna find my own digital camera.

I'm so sleepy.  But I want to wait for the
chick peas I'm making to be finished.

Maybe I won't - Maybe instead I'll rush up
stairs, turn them off, and call it a night.

Maybe that is a better idea.

That's all I know.