F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 15 pottage as I made it yesterday

8 medium tomatoes. Soft day old ones
3 large zucchini. Day old ones
8 oz leftover chick peas, cooked
2 packages dry chicken soup (sufficient for 8 servings)

Chop tomatoes roughly
Chop zucchini roughly

Boil in pot on high, until vegetables
start to wilt, and release liquid.

Add a cup of water if nec.

Once steam happens, add both packs of soup.

Add chick peas.

Using hand blender, pulverize freely, coarse
or fine to taste.

I added some dried garlic at this point.

Continue on high until stuff reaches the boil.

Turn off heat.

Ignore on hot stove for 15 minutes.