F 1 D 0 -- 2001 12 16 at 14 00


I've had enough. Or I think so for today.

Last night I was getting drafts here in the 
basement, and realized that assorted windows
were open around the home.

No problem, thinks me. I take a look, and
half of the exterior storm windows are open.
I check each one, and close it.

I tour upstairs in the three bedrooms, and
in Sam and Melanie's room look!, both windows
are open, and lots of ashes from smoking. 

The job didn't take long, really. And as 
soon as all of the windows were closed, the
furnace settled down right away. Cool!

Now I've got a broken window upstairs.
Someone ripped out the screen, and broke 
the exterior window. Bits of glass everywhere.

The interior window was opened. Whoever
it was just came inside.  That's all 
they did, was come inside.

Now I ask around.  Anita tells me that
Mike has been without a key for weeks.
What's up with that?!

I phoned him. He denies everything. He
even denies having been without a key.

I was just starting to get some faith
in these people to stop messing with my
life for a while.

Not a chance.

Last night at Denis Bowman's folk dance
was positively amazing. Perfect.

We all played famously.  

It was a small party this time around.
I've seen the dancing entirely crowded.

But I'm starting to get a taste in my
soul for this kind of dance. 

There is a leader. He/she will start the
semicircle of dancers, and you watch them
for the moves.  Most of the others will
have done this before, but need the leader
for visual cuing.  

And me?  I'm all new to this, and find
some of these dances difficult. I was
described as persistent at the party.
I suppose that means I'm not good at
it, but stayed with it anyway.

There was a bawdy song called Chuliandra.
Think Julianna.  I should find the
English words and post them here.

I should post to the journal often. I'm
finding myself forgetting exactly what 
happened to me. Maybe it isn't important,
all in all.

It just occurred to me that everyone from
here has left. I don't have to rush away
for peace. I can find it all right here.

I hope the bologna in my life moves on.
Wish me good spirits.

That's all I know.