F 1 D 0 -- 02 01 01 at 14 00 

Too Many Parties.

I wish I could just complain that there
have been too many events, and too many
this, and too many that. I would love to
suggest that my head is maxxed out, and
I'm experiencing a rush of too many people
too many fun times.

Not so.

Something is wrong with me.

I'm full.

My tummy is, anyway. I wake up feeling full.

I'm also hungry.

Not very, but I've been up since 9am, and wanting
a bite to eat or a sip of coffee is not such a bad
thing, is it?  

Well, my body is rebelling.

I had some of the wonderful lasagna I made
yesterday.  Not a big some. A little bit some.

Three tablespoon sized bites.

I went from wanting something to bubbling
inside again.  Now I'm beyond full, and
feel like I'll have a gaseous explosion.

Oh, that won't happen. In fact, if I burp
that will be a big deal.

But I didn't eat much.

What did I have, beyond the above?

I made a metamucil, as that has healing
properties for me.  I had a few sips of
coffee and took vitamin C, vitamin B, a
chondiatrin pill, a zinc, and a St John's
Wort. (That plant should requisition a 
name change).

This just in.

Ann and I went on a long walk around the
residential district of Port Arthur.

I should explain the districts here, huh?

Port Arthur and Fort William are two separate
towns which joined up to make Thunder Bay.
There is another one called West Fort, which,
surprise!, is west of Ft William.

Each town has its own personality. 

Port Arthur has Hoito, the Finland restaurant
I've mentioned.

Fort William has all of those old saloons
and the Shelter House, where the homeless
drink by day, and sleep by night.

West Fort has a lovely small town main
street, and seemed alive and friendly.

So we walked north along John Street,
up the hill. We went east along Empress,
back to Red River Road. South until we
got downtown, then west back toward Bay,
where the Hoito is.

After a big wander like that, stopping at
Hoito was appealing.

But I've had this gastric thing. So I was
worried whether it would mess me up.

To be sure, I figured I'd have the food
problem. So we decided to share a finnish
pancake plate. I like strawberry sauce, and
she likes pancake syrup. Splitting this was

Their pancakes are so much line fine crepes.
I must learn how to do this.

After chatting, it has become apparent
to me that I've got the GI flu that's 
going around.  I was worried I'd gotten
an ulcer over my room mates, or had
some kind of mid-life crisis, again.

But after listening to how many other
people were having trouble, this seemed
to make sense. I am just a bit sick,
that's all.

But it still feels like too many

That's all I know.