F 1 D 0 -- 02 01 10 at 17 55

All Stolen.

Remember these names.
Anita Babic.
Samir Ibrahim. Also known as Samir Hussain.
Michael Holloway.
Melanie Latour.

When these people moved away
from 2640 Victoria Park Avenue, 
all of the large goods of value 
left with them. I allege they took
them, but police are investigating.

My mother called me at 355pm, and 
told me that the lock on my personal
door had been broken right off, the
locks on the outside doors have been
left working, and the place was locked.

So now I know that I'm without a personal
computer, monitor, printer, and peripherals.
I'm also without a television and VCR.

The place has a smell. I think the 
refrigerator was unplugged, but left
full of things.

I'm all numb now. Not sure what to do.
I feel strange rushing back to just 
deal with these things.  I knew I had
problems with these people but I was
really hoping they'd simply stiff me 
for the rent, and go.  

Perhaps I was expecting too much. I'm
wondering how much collusion there is
between them that all of this happened
like this.

All of their things are missing. So that
means that there is no reason for them to
return, except to harvest more of my things.

I really want to know what happened.

For now, I have the clothes I'm wearing,
and no fears of personal reprisals. These
folks had promised things, albeit in language
which is vague, and subject to legal interpretation.

Melanie, "We're gonna fuck you right up
the ass. Look at him Sam, he's shaking in
his boots. He won't have a fucking thing
when we're finished with him."

Samir, "Melanie, will you shut up. Me, I'm
very patient. I don't have the money you need.
... Look at this. (gestures to his face, where
his eyebrow is cut, and healed up). When people
put me under pressure, I consider it a confrontation.
I took a free Anger Management course in Sudbury.
I can break walls and people when I'm confronted.
(gestures fist through door)".

Mike, "You're just trying to screw us!  Well
we will screw you. (but I'm not! says me) My
mom is a director of her Co-op, and she can
get so much information on you that you won't
be able to get work again. I will spend all of
my time and money to make your life Hell. You
wait and see. ... And why do you need to pay
someone to watch the house while you are away?"

Ah, why indeed.

Anita is confusing me. She's moved out a number
of times, and her trademark is NOT taking any of
her things. But all of her stuff is gone. That is
so clearly Not Like Her. I'm wondering how much
she knew about what has happened here?

All of my valuables have been taken. Exactly which
ones will require my personal attention in Toronto.

That's all I know.