F 1 D 0 -- 02 01 17 at 12 30

Inventory of stolen goods. Report 4179.

$$$ Description
--- ---------------------------------------------------------
100 General Electric VCR model VG4065 serial033380365
    remote control was not stolen

150 Sylvania 20 inch colour television

999 Pentium 233mhz computer with 
    256m ram
    Windows 98
    removeable hard drive in drawer 8G
    partitioned as three (C, D, E)
    HP CD writer (frequently dysfunctional)
    CD rom (F)
    sound card
    IBM original keyboard with loud keyclick
    matrox millenium video 32m
    network card
    archives of MP3 music (e:\c\audio)
    archives of animation (e:\c\swf, d:\c\swf)
    archives of pictures taken (e:\d, d:\d)
    archives of folk dance, folk music
    configured for high speed internet
    not set up for modem use

250 Magnasonic 17inch colour monitor

150 Xerox M750 ink jet printer, with IEEE-1284 cable

130 Kensington PC Video Camera

350 Toshiba laptop computer ?410CS
    Windows 98
    24m ram
    configured for email, internet and digital camera
    archives of pictures taken

300 Toshiba laptop computer ?310CS
    Windows 95
    16m ram
    display has anomalies; previous owner pressed their fingers into the delicate flat display, causing permanent finger prints.
    configured for email, internet and digital camera
    archives of pictures taken

300 computer upgrading components
    DVD Rom, in plastic bag
    many Hard Drives, IDE
    many Modems, ISA, older design
    many networking cards, various designs
    memory chips, older design
    network cable, CAT-5 ethernet, labelled "Crossover"
250 computer travel bag
    has bold red-white-blue logo from previous use
    very firm carry system, designed 10 years ago
    accessories for Toshiba and camera (cables, disks)

250 computer travel bag
    simple nylon, black
    damaged hooks; repaired for shoulder carriage
    contents include
    PCMCIA (creditcard sized) XIRCOM network card, dongle
    floppy drive for Toshiba
    USRobotics external modem
    accessories for Toshiba and camera
600 software and music collection on CD
    incomplete listing
    10+ encyclopaedia disks
    Microsoft Office and Bookshelf
uncommon folk music, unavailable locally:    
    Wild Asperagus
    Popcorn Behaviour
    Boston Common 
    Hold the Mustard
    Irish Dance, Cunningham duplicated set
    (CD collection is about 200 CDs, software and music)
 20 Blank Recordable CDs, including Zenith 74minute

 40 Ultrasonic device for use against Mice

 30 Stainless Cutlery sets(2), IKEA, not ornate
 10 Knives, including serrated bread knife, rosewood handle

 40 Other kitchen goods (dishes, serving stuff, glassware)

500 Pressure Sprayer (for spray cleaning cars etc)

250 Janome sewing machine, white, with attachments

100 three different scooters
    (aluminum model aero; toysRus model with rubber wheels; another one too)

??? photographs of me and friends

??? receipts and banking records

??? magazines and books unaccounted for

Likely perpetrators are

Michael Holloway
Samir Ibrahim (also known as Samir Hussain)
Melanie Latour

They have my financial information, so they
could impersonate me (David Berman).

These goods were taken on or about 2002 January 08 
from 2640 Victoria Park Avenue, a house, on the 
boundary of North York and Scarborough (Toronto),

If you meet these people in your shop, contact
PC Pattison, 416-808-3300, Major Crime Unit.
Reference report number 4179 (2002).