F 1 D 0 -- 02 01 18 at 05 00

Rabbits in the back.

But first, the meeses report.

I've been doing this mouse thing all 
wrong.  Last night, while on the phone
with Ann, I heard mice in the kitchen.
As usual.

What is new is that I noticed the sound
was coming from inside a box of Frosted
Mini Wheats.

These mice cannot stand the box nor the
plastic/wax wrap inside. I think the BHA
BHT stuff they use must taste bad, but only
to mice. Not sure.

So I just close the flaps and they don't
try to eat their way out. In fact, they
hold super still.  But open the flaps, 
and they freak. They jump straight into
the air.

Well, once I figured this out, I opened
the flaps over the toilet.  Excellent!
No touching the mouse, no fooling around.

Hey, I just got home. There are no mini
wheats, and there is a hole in the box.
I definitely have to buy more. Now that
I can catch them, I may as well attract
them correctly.

Oh, I got a smart mouse. It knew enough
about water and toilets to jump diagonally.

But only the one.

All of the rest jumped in, and then
they'd flush round and go down.

Many of you dear readers may not like
the idea of drowning the mouse. Well,
it doesn't work that way. 

Once the mouse gets out of sight, it 
will stay on top of the wave until it
reaches the street level. Then the 
descent to the sewage plant is slower, 
and warmer too. All the awful sewage
makes it warm. 

So now I have a plan.

I'll continue trying to catch them. If
they've eaten all of the mini wheats, I
suppose I'll have to get them another box
of them. 

They got into so very many things.

They don't eat it all, either. They
use it for nesting material.

For example, they took this bag of
dried vegetables I use for instant
soup making. It was all spread out
in the drawer.  That sucks!

So I have been taking the bad food
outside to my 'composting' area.

I did this yesterday, and again today.

But all of the dried peas and stuff
were all gone! And lo and behold!, I 
saw strange tracks leading to the food.

Bunnies!  Or are they Hares? Something
unique.  I have the only forest like 
zone in my area, as all of the other
neighbours have these pristine flat
grasslands for backyards.  But mine has
trees, and grass, and thistle, and 
all manner of good stuff.

I would truly love to see these
wild bunnies. The squirrels are
ok as well. I know we have skunk
and occasional porcupine. I've heard
about ermine just north of here too.
I wanna see them!

It attracts birds.  They are all over
the place.  I've seen strange blue
birds. Not bluejays, but something
else. I've seen small birds too. Finches?
I'm not an expert.

Also, I wonder what walks using a single
track? I cannot tell what it is. The rabbits
have a distinct hoppy footprint, but something
walks so that it makes a single trail. Like
a pogo stick, but paws.  I'll figure it out.

Tim and I went to see Lord of the Rings
again. I was trying to catch things I
missed the previous time. 

Poor Tim. He suddenly got the headache
of the year. He insists he wasn't crying.
The stuff running from his eyes were not
tears. Fine. But it distracted him from 
the movie. Bigtime. 

Eventually, it lightened up, and he
wanted to go see Tom and Cindy, as
he's not been to their home before. 
It was fun, actually.

Their rats LOVE me. 

Now you may see a problem-- I have to
be the hunter of mice, but the fond
lover of rats. All I can say is the
big friendly rats don't pee all over
the food I'd like to eat someday. 

Nanuk, their Siberian Husky,
loves me, as does Kegel their kitten.

So Tim was happy to hang out and
meet with everyone.

I like listening to Tom practicing
on the guitar. It is something he
does to relax. It is not performance,
just familiar practice. I do it on 

Hey, I have to find a source of images now.

That's all I know.