F 1 D 0 -- 2002 02 11 at 11 30

Small Pleasures.

If you pay attention to this journal, then 
you have been bored by the complete lack of
entries. Sorry. Life has kept me from writing.

I come home, exhausted. But I phone Ann and we 
talk until we are both ready to collapse. We are
both so tired, but it is something I look forward
to. This is good.

I go back upstairs. I turn off whatever I was
simmering, and have some.

Oh, last night I did it the other way around. I
made her wait a while so I could have something
before our chat.

There was a sale on Pork Roasts last week at
Loblaws. Now around here they've been keeping
the end-user price for meat high. Generally about
6.00 or more per Kilogram (about 3.00 a pound).
I consider this insane.

I can always get chicken legs, back attached
for 99c a lb or less. 

So when I saw this, I was eager to buy in.
God knows I don't need any more food around
here. I'm packing and getting ready to move.

Never the less, Tuesday I happened to be in
the Loblaws at Victoria Terrace, at Vic Park
and Lawrence East. It is a big beautiful store,
like so many of the Loblaws's.  Everything has
a big price, as a rule. But here in a freezer
bin was entire pork shoulders.  I like a lot 
of meat, but that was far too much for me to
handle.  But they had a couple that were about
a third. These were only 7.00 each, and I took
them both.

The next day, I found myself at a different Loblaws,
the one at North York Centre. That's where I used
to live. This store just had the small picnic roasts.
I took a couple of nice ones.

Well, I should have continued looking for the very
large ones. These have exactly the same amount of
bone as the small ones. Not the same percentage,
but the same weight! I didn't know.

It took me a day or so to find the motivation to
roast them. I did all four.  I did them at 400F for
an hour then checked them. Nope, not even close.

I found a problem with my oven. I'd not noticed
before!  It only heats from below. It has a broil
setting, but for some reason, that only got a little
warm, not hot.  So the roasts got heated from below
for their whole cooking.

The next 30 minutes were all they needed for me.
I like the roasts to be set but rare when done.
This makes it so I can take slices of them out 
of the fridge, and fry Those as needed. These 
won't come out well done.

So for me, one small pleasure has been having 
mountains of meat, just how I like it. 

I've gone over to see Cindy, as she's given up
all carbohydrates for a while. Nobody really 
understands this diet, thinking that healthy 
carbs are ok ('brown rice, if you cannot eat white
rice' mentality).  She and Tom were entertaining
and they had all of the usual snack things. So
she was delighted I showed up with meat.

So while the other boys were playing Playstation
Hockey of some sort (it sounds so real to me, at
least for a few minutes) Cindy and I were having
a feeding frenzy in the kitchen.

Preparing this much meat, especially cheap meat,
requires I do something with all of the fat. There
was quite a lot of it.  

I have a composting area in my back yard. It isn't
a box or anything. Just a place where I take food
which I'm not going to eat.

I dumped a big pot of the fatty ends there, thinking
I might be feeding skunk or squirrel.  Well, today
I got to see that I'm feeding hundreds of birds. Most
of them are black or brown, but still, I seem to have
found their fancy.  I just watched them.

I've been craving strawberries. 

I know this is not the season, but they're on sale
anyway. 1.50 for a full pint of California Strawberries.

I've been making a kind of shake. Nothing fancy, but
I crave it more than chocolate now.

I use four big berries, or eight small ones. I put
them into the bottom of a tall glass, tall enough
so that I can blend right in it.

I add six Equal packets to this. Yes, I like Equal.
I add about half a teaspoon of citric acid to that.

I fill the 20 oz cup to the 16 oz level, so when I 
turn on the hand blender, it won't throw drink every

The combination of berries and citric acid makes a
very thick drink. And gives me Strawberry Satisfaction.

The sun is bright in the back yard here. Big trees
are everywhere. I hate this place, and still, I'm 
going to miss it. 

I'll find the small pleasures where I'm going.

That's all I know.