F 1 D 0 -- 02 02 17 at 11 30

F 1 D 0 -- 02 02 02 at 02 02  Oh Two Oh Two Oh Two.

I was in bed at 202am, but I prefer
to use this as the date for today's

Bread! I baked a white bread on the
bread machine today.

Actual ingredients.

2 ts old yeast
3 ts heaping sugar
.5c warm water
.25c milk

Mix, and allow the yeast to grow.
Notice that old yeast doesn't grow.

2c flour
1 ts salt
2 tb butter

Process in bread machine. Watch the dough
not form right, in that it makes crumbs.

1 egg

Continue letting machine mix. It tries to
make dough

1 egg more

Continue letting machine mix into dough.

.5 envelope of fleishmann's yeast

Help bread machine by using wooden spoon
to pick up the stuff unmixed in the corners.

Eventually it seems to get the job done right.

Close the lid and let the professional
do its work.

I use the Black and Decker breadmaker. It
takes about three hours.

The result was very crisp crusted, and 
a soft cake like centre. The colour was
off-white, and agreeable.

Next time: I'll add crushed peppercorns.

The bread maker has made it to Thunder Bay
with just a few dents. I was worried that
it would not make the trip. So far so good.

The cost of moving is a problem. Boxes cost
11.50 plus tax if not heavy, and about 18.00
plus tax if they're full of books. 

Greyhound lets me carry two large gunny sacks
of anything for my fare. I can get perhaps
four more for 5.00 each.  I'm thinking that
this could be my best bet for economical
package could be travelling with the stuff.

In keeping with that, Ann and I went out and
bought fabric for making two more. The stuff
was 9.99 a meter, but was 70% off! It is thick,
and water resistant. Yay!

It took a while. She decided that double
seams were the way to go, and put a round
bottom onto it. I'm thinking that I'd be in
a big hurry, and just sew up a big envelope
with the fabric stuff. I'll bet hers will
last longer.


I had to leave Thunder Bay before posting this,
and have returned.  I'm worried that if I use
the 020202 date, it will be left unread and 
unnoticed. But nevertheless, it was the date
which got me started. Sigh. I'll rename it to
something useful. Like today's date.

That's why the top of this looks funny. 

I've brought a load of stuff with me, which
I suppose is the purpose of the many visits
here when I'm packing. 

I've gotten so many email forwards for how
this is a special century!  2002 20/02 20:02!

Well those people might see patterns, but they've
gotten their dates all mixed up. Oh, people give
me heartache over date formats all of the time.

I keep it like numbers.  The further to the left,
the more significant the information. Like numbers.
Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones. Decimal points. 
Tenths, hundredths.

So Year, Month, Day isn't so crazy. Hour, Minute,
Seconds, and then fractions of that.

So for me, if I seek some kind of scientific
"once in a lifetime association when the calendar
is just right" I figure I may as well use a 
notational system which looks scientific. 

It was Bryan's list which suggested that it isn't
such a singular event anyway. 2112 21/12 21:12
But that truly relies on a wrong date format!

I wanted to bake a bread today, but we're going 
to set up for an art show at the university. Also,
I didn't want all of the eggplant and zucchini to
die while I was up here, so I brought it with me.
So *that* is what I've made up instead. 

I found them brown powders confusing today. I
have plastic 750g yogurt containers full of 
assorted miscellany. Except that they're not
so miscellaneous. Generally a powder is a soup
base. So when I mixed up some today, I was surprised
to find it was Iced Tea Mix.  Not a problem.

Beef mix has no beef. It does have caramel.
Chicken mix often does have chicken. They 
put just enough chicken fat in to irritate
someone who won't do meat. The entire package
when full is 30g. Moreover, it is full of noodles.
So how much of the package is soup base?  And
how much of that is fat? I'd just as soon they
lose the fat. 

In Canada things like milk consider the butterfat
the essential ingredient, the part you are paying
for. Whipping cream, 35% fat, is most costly. Then
18% table cream, 10% coffee cream, 5% light coffee
cream, 3.25% homo milk, 2% partially skimmed milk,
1% lite partially skimmed milk, 0.5% skim milk with
a real creamy taste, 0.1% skim milk. 

Ok, once you get to 2% milk, the price heads up again.
But I know so many people who loathe that fat part
of the milk.

Same for cheese. Labelling requirements forces 
the manufacturer to label the stuff. But it can
err on the side of the consumer: so chesse which
says it is 33% BF (butterfat) can be more. I for
one really like the taste of butter in cheese, but
again, I know so many people who would buy 0% cheese
if it didn't have that o-so-weird taste that comes
from changing a hundred year old recipe for modern
fat-free consumers.

I'm fond of double-creme brie. It is something like
laying slices of butter onto bread when I enjoy it.
It is a christmas or new years thing for me to do.
Thank Dave Nichols, formerly of President's Choice for

I'm getting accustomed to the long ride here, I think.

So many I know think they'd go crazy. But
it is two hours reading, 15 minutes moving around. Two
more hours sleeping, 90 minutes moving around.

The business keepers along the way are starting to
recognize me. I like that.

There was a children's carnival at White River
this time around. A crowd of perhaps 20 kids 
under 10 years old. They were being pushed by
their dads in card board boxes painted to look
like go carts.  A distinguished man, perhaps the
town mayor, was holding a stop watch, and shouting
"Go!" as everyone else in the family were taking
pictures of the craziness.

Yes, craziness. These boxes melted in the snow, so
the fathers would lie it flat, and then pull the
kids. But they'd have to body check the other men
whose 'carts' had not melted yet. 

This was all in good fun, and when the kids started
complaining, the men switched sides, with arguments
which went like, "oh yah? OH YAH?!" and the next 
thing you know, someone else's Dad is pulling your
cart somewhere sideways from the finish line.

I'm thinking it might have come from a Calvin and
Hobbes cartoon. But not. This was one of the races
where you don't really win anything anyway. Or everyone

I went into the little LCBO shop, where they had 
stuff on the reduced alcohol table. I asked the 
lady about bottles of sparkling wine with pictures
of famous Canadians all over it. 

We opened one yesterday, and it was fine enough.
Nothing notworthy, nothing bad.

Oh My Gawd, the olympics are on the radio. They have 
hockey! What a combination. They shoot, They Score.

That's all I know.